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/v/ added as a trial board!

File: 1579428590843.png (20.36 KB, 300x300, gaDexbJ__400x400.png)

e55dd No.2453[Reply]

How did you discover Nordchan?
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5a761 No.5362

File: 1584092834985.png (246.99 KB, 594x546, ClipboardImage.png)

pic related

2a5d7 No.5366


4ea22 No.5392

because noot is zoomer

e27e3 No.5538

File: 1585858644791.jpg (43.44 KB, 750x750, hullo.jpg)

alternate chan alliance

4440f No.5548

was looking for another boards and randomnly stumbled upon

File: 1586157268604.jpg (609.82 KB, 1920x1080, LiterallyHitler.jpg)

7c6b8 No.5547[Reply]

I did this: https://nordchan.net/all/res/4357.html

Im thinking maybe ill do another one now that i have free time. Have to decide will i put it in Ylilauta or here…

File: 1585979588397.jpg (71.61 KB, 1024x1010, 1581960453567.jpg)

f6967 No.5539[Reply]

>Feels no difference at all
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a2413 No.5542

no wtf im the token brown person here

6eef6 No.5543

neekeri :D

b1f6d No.5544

vittuilla minun munaa :D

f0387 No.5545

I think google translate might have trolled you.

a5f10 No.5546

a finn here told me to use munaa
i thought it had another meaning other than eggs

File: 1585412686556.mp4 (345.34 KB, 320x240, vedän turpaan tota loordia.mp4)

74df6 No.5508[Reply]

dead board
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8d66d No.5514

File: 1585499550518.jpg (104.17 KB, 728x994, 1583323963974.jpg)

Nord is kill:(

ffbf7 No.5515

I still think it's a bad idea to have several boards on a chan that averages less than 100 users

80e75 No.5516

is that bulge a penis or a very big vagina

8d66d No.5518

The amount of boards isn't even that bad. We're just missing users and seems that we haven't pushed advertising at all after the initial wave.
Oh anon… :D

de853 No.5537

File: 1585843136215.png (256.57 KB, 600x697, b2be0626-8644-4744-94d1-e5….png)

it wasnt

File: 1585610908888.jpg (76.88 KB, 1200x888, 5c897e62.jpg)

e3abb No.5529[Reply]

is this board kill? :(

a07ab No.5531

It would appear so

fab2a No.5532

File: 1585652689095.png (661.33 KB, 1106x613, kaffi_og_sns_anime.png)

who is responsible for this

0a005 No.5535

>ettan vit

File: 1585019542818.jpg (20.56 KB, 600x550, 1581321418964.jpg)

2df8d No.5470[Reply]

State lockdown starts in 50 minutes. Fuck the police, im going on a /nightwalk/. How is nordchan handleing thier lockdowns?
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a8f41 No.5523

I've been chilling, eating my oats. Ordering the rest of the parts for my home-gym, I think I may just give up on commercial gyms. I have enough room for most things I need and this made me realise how annoying it would be if I lost access. Not to mention they still wanted me to pay membership while I don't have acess to the utilities. Miss me with that.
We are still allowed out of our homes though, just most things are closed down (like gyms and restraunts) and gatherings of ten people or more is banned.
So I just run in the desert behind my flat, no people.
I just hope it lifts soon, I need a fakin income.

1d90b No.5525

I honestly could not get into that, nor Lucky Star. Guess I'm just not a slice of life anime person.

1d90b No.5526

Also, based Michiganon

e12e6 No.5527

I'm not a slice of life type of person either, but it has been surprisingly good and enjoyable so far.

6dc42 No.5533

Fellow Michiganfag here, where are you at? I went on walk to the grocery store yesterday and had a nice smoke. I'm doing an essential job though so I have to go back to work tomorrow. I'm stuck going to Detroit everyday so it's a miracle that I haven't caught something yet.

File: 1584761218739.jpg (49.88 KB, 799x496, 1584365284940.jpg)

8dbaf No.5455[Reply]

My butt will remain clean! Just bought 60 rolls of tp!
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08080 No.5465

Pussy phone doesn’t replace toilet paper.

7f1d4 No.5467

Bidet isn't a phone; It's a way of life. I got a pressure washer and a chair with a hole in it.
My butt will ALWAYS stay clean.

0d5b2 No.5468

so its one or the other?
i use a bidet and then wipe with tp

7f1d4 No.5524

Doesn't that defeat the point of having an automatic enema machine?

35fcf No.5528

just to be sure
sometimes the water spraying all over isnt enough

File: 1585144560720.jpg (78.58 KB, 478x476, nmr emil.jpg)

f999b No.5485[Reply]

>yanks and non-europeans shitting up the bord

should be ip ban for non nords tbh
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c8a01 No.5506

No one is as white as swedes. They make very efficient reflective mirrors.

9b493 No.5510

File: 1585463865627.png (228.15 KB, 1402x556, ClipboardImage.png)

There should be ip ban for nords tbh

1b288 No.5519

File: 1585511194680.png (1.34 MB, 1600x1564, med master race.png)


fa754 No.5521

LOL naisu

fa754 No.5522

Yes you do, ignore the haters

File: 1585503517116.png (277.18 KB, 1509x1337, 154748278155502229.png)

97291 No.5517[Reply]

how you holding up in nord?

File: 1581102522500.gif (13.87 KB, 168x182, ipi11.gif)

6b304 No.4589[Reply]

post your best ismo

6b304 No.4591

File: 1581110606873.gif (16.81 KB, 144x206, ipi4.gif)

>mfw people are not posting their best ismos

a0b56 No.5482


96043 No.5511

File: 1585463980564.png (76.33 KB, 838x983, sweden and finns.png)

the fuck is a ismo?

a0b56 No.5512

File: 1585477000899.mp4 (100.91 KB, 720x480, homo.mp4)

ismo laitela

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