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File: 1579949428444.jpg (54.11 KB, 669x446, 3d.jpg)

fa10d No.3350[Reply]

Reviving Finland man's northern lights thread. Possible events and scenarios tied to the northern lights are

1. disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar wind causes northern lights. maybe this also opens up portals to different dimensions momentarily allowing different creatures to enter our world.
2. another possible explanation is that governments are causing the disturbances intentionally in order to experiment but are covering it up

which theory do you think is more likely
do you have any other theories these are the 2 theories that have been mentioned in the last thread
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ccf4a No.3932

i just want to say this thread and the replys are satire comedy about conspirancy theroistis

fa10d No.3941

I hope they won't confiscate our fat Thors

ccf4a No.3942

File: 1580417332717.jpg (88.13 KB, 831x422, fat thor and police.jpg)

fat thor sees police coming from the window

ae971 No.3944

I believe something similar, i also believe we have multiple souls, one that is the self, that goes on to an afterlife and even might be reincarnated down your bloodline at some point when it is needed, one that goes on to sit with the ancestors after death and guide your desendants and atleast one more that stays with the body even after death, forever, this is the part that i believe can become evil and corrupt.

ccf4a No.3949

so if that part of the soul becomes evil, its basically the same in afterlife also.
I wonder if retarted people are retarted in heaven aswell.

File: 1580406915129.jpg (171.94 KB, 562x768, 114451.jpg)

46ab5 No.3933[Reply]

Banners aren't working for me. Do I need to clear my whole browser cache?

8eb90 No.3935

File: 1580407611650.jpg (30.29 KB, 425x347, 51w7koDjFsL._SX425_.jpg)

press Alt+F4

46ab5 No.3936

60dcd No.3937

troll style :P estland status trolled

8eb90 No.3938


File: 1580192426703.png (181.45 KB, 785x1000, 1576433918508.png)

46a69 No.3656[Reply]

you know what i do before i even drink my coffee in the morning? i tell janjans on 4channel how much of an incel loser he is.
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a42a1 No.3910

us skanditråden gods dont cqre about your gay and cringe fat thor memes.
were taking over nordchan and you cant stop us.

f50f5 No.3911

File: 1580394405984.jpg (269.47 KB, 1192x674, 20200130_091858.jpg)

Fat thor is awesome and you need to calm down.

85dc9 No.3912

File: 1580394776598.jpg (87.82 KB, 831x504, fat thor vs hater.jpg)

def5f No.3914

>were taking over nordchan and you cant stop us.

cc56c No.3915

yes I think so too

File: 1580312590279.png (90.37 KB, 264x258, 1545523291873.png)

02b76 No.3811[Reply]

something looks… different.
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9831f No.3842

File: 1580321373392.jpg (43.18 KB, 600x300, 1579200971779.jpg)

This is epic bro

I think they are smooth and good lookign

02b76 No.3848

File: 1580322315243.png (47.92 KB, 661x327, chrome_3lqfb8O6Jq.png)

If you clear your cache, I've implemented the banner script from Lainchan.org

If anyone wants to make a banner 300x100, feel free to submit them on >>>/meta/ and I'll put it in the rotation.

Still sick from the flu :( but hopefully it gets better in the weekend, at which point I'll get SSL installed and clear up the remaining issues.

02b76 No.3850

File: 1580322951081.png (107.46 KB, 701x274, chrome_FmyN4aLbMN.png)

Also! Hovering over a reply will now act like 4chan. Either display the post over the cursor, or highlight the relevant reply above (if it's within view). Shown in pic related.

Basically stuff that should've been here from day 1. sorry.

6c260 No.3884

Very nice, i prefer to use dark themes whenever possible.

236bd No.3887

Nice dark theme, keep up the good work. No need to rush though, you are only one guy after all. Hope you get better very soon :)

File: 1580311770501.png (32.04 KB, 658x662, 1569794327581.png)

74bfc No.3806[Reply]

my feet are hairy like hobbit feet
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a7b29 No.3877


78644 No.3878

wife of Jonas have you managed to avoid swallowing the pills?

29e49 No.3881

only once since i told you guys about what happened to me
also jonas isnt back yet

a7b29 No.3882

How did you avoid the pill

29e49 No.3883

class starts late on saturdays and my mom has to leave the house early so she just puts the pill with a glass of water next to my bed after trying to wake me up
i pretend to be asleep so that she gives up and goes out to do her thing

File: 1580243723842.jpg (63.52 KB, 616x410, Stamford Bridge.jpg)

e2f0e No.3793[Reply]

Discussion about historical events that you maybe wouldn't want to make a separated thread for, or just any historical events that you are interested in General
Or if you like maybe some conspirancies aswell.

This is the great history thread 1.0
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e2f0e No.3799

We really appreciate the lend hands by denmark and sweden here :)

From what I remember, sweden also took a big part in funding the new defensive lines after continuation war.

Also eesti had some 2000 volunteers in the continuation war along with sweden and of course over 80 000 men from germany as they were our comrades.

I think denmark was the one that didn't really even have to take any part in it so thats why it is so significicant.

dceaf No.3800

Danes were nazi allies and their propaganda fooled many to help Finnland against the reds.

1c708 No.3802

File: 1580290922870.jpg (209.69 KB, 1200x631, tjock tor gustav.jpg)

fat gustavus thor with lightning

473d7 No.3825

File: 1580315954744.jpg (251.73 KB, 500x1137, Untitled6.jpg)

1c708 No.3826

File: 1580096179914.jpg (75.97 KB, 803x737, 1563889531900.jpg)

5e58f No.3527[Reply]

new lean single and it didn't show on my youtube feed
something needs to be done about j*Wgle
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c215a No.3771

Yeah, I liked it as well (same with bladee's/ecco's aesthetic during 14-15)
Something is just so cool about those visuals and the lyrics

f644f No.3772

File: 1580235125138.gif (4.17 KB, 275x275, Untitled-1.gif)

Volt is going in the playlist. epic.

386a5 No.3774

I hate rappers who talk about violence and stuff

I love rappers who talk about ancient japanese merchant centers and arizona ice tea


c215a No.3778

rapping about swords, feelings, magic, anime and ice tea > rapping about guns, violence, drugs

386a5 No.3790

yes I think so too

I just listened to this and noticed there are Blade Runner quotes in the end. the famous tears in rain speech apparently :p I actually hadn't heard this song before and only clicked on it because you posted the other song from that album

File: 1580236773884.jpg (144.13 KB, 1200x1200, CtEelL2VUAAlyOd.jpg)

4d637 No.3781[Reply]

Describe 2020 in just four words

9db5b No.3783

shit start good ending

6595e No.3784

it's too early in my opinion

but so far I would say

eastern chinese fish market

File: 1579095344299.png (74.16 KB, 800x600, Untitled1.png)

b7d22 No.1938[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Since we don't seem to have a board decicated for creative stuff for now, then let's at least have a thread for that, shall we?

I'll kick things off. Made a (shit) picture of Nordchan. Tried to make her look more feminine with the longer hair. I kept her helmet though, maybe we should give her a sword?
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b7d22 No.3741


74226 No.3743

File: 1580228185597.png (965.36 KB, 2400x3200, pose1.1.png)

Not sure if he planned to post this, but our resident art-anon just sent me this.

Credits to the same anon who first made our tom-boy Nordchan (ID a4ede in this thread).

she's so cuuute

74226 No.3745

File: 1580228426066.png (812.57 KB, 2480x3508, Banner Nordchan.png)

Iceland-chan mailed me this.

74226 No.3747

File: 1580228515782.png (73.35 KB, 535x582, nootcat.png)

little cat :~)

b7d22 No.3748

Our girl is looking good now
They grow up so fast :^)

File: 1579875092434.jpg (149.38 KB, 1329x867, coronachan.JPG)

695bc No.3252[Reply]

I'm sick with the flu. Putting dev stuff on hold for a week or so until I feel better. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

I should've thanked Corona-chan when I had the chance.
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5a946 No.3690

This sounds bad : (
But if it was corona then the symptoms would have gotten already worse.

695bc No.3691

yeah it's not corona. Just a shitty flu I need to get over.

my hands are literally freezing, typing hurts. but I'm still lurking.

8fa7f No.3695

When im sick like that i like to sit in a really hot shower for a while, i think it helps.

11b36 No.3718

I hope you get better very soon. Take care.

ca6b5 No.3742


also get better soon noot

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