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File: 1584012654504.jpg (29.45 KB, 680x513, 1583883463605.jpg)

9db05 No.5350[Reply]

I wiped my phone dowb with a wet wipe anvd bmow there ius water unbder my screeb protector and it is fuckiung inp my typing, hbow do i resolbe thius problem?
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eca8a No.5355

remove the screenprotector,clean up then reapply it with electrical tape

9db05 No.5356

I cannbt ise tape, iuts onbe of thbose gayu new pby ones withoiyt bvezels

580a2 No.5359

Use the phone without a fucking screen protector

3c4f5 No.5361

ok get normal transparent tape and cover your entire phone
this will work trust me

9db05 No.5363

I took the screen protector off. There is still some adhesive residue on the screen though.

File: 1583403799137.jpeg (9.48 KB, 219x176, lataus (1).jpeg)

de81f No.5222[Reply]

What is the most based word in your language? In finnish it might be
meaning "invader matress", meaning a woman who sleeps with refugees or gets raped by them and is a leftist.
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4098b No.5252

Thats based, how has it not been shoah'd from the lexicon?

63ba5 No.5253

we have that word too, but it's "källkritik" in swedish

badb9 No.5269

File: 1583576828333.jpg (132.35 KB, 720x960, adb9f833ab7bf733e1fe071679….jpg)

huoranpenikka is ebin insult
puppy of whore

fc7d7 No.5284

File: 1583698982718.gif (298.22 KB, 640x360, 1487538349808.gif)

I experience vahingonilo daily. Same as schadenfreude in german. I don't understand how english doesn't have a word for it.

Lähdekritiikki in finnish.

67e3c No.5347

It's called being a sadist.

File: 1583767015331.jpg (30.42 KB, 815x446, UNITY.jpg)

dd2d0 No.5291[Reply]

on all levels except physical i am finnish
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b16a6 No.5311

If you're not ethnically Finnish, why move? Because the Hasemites suck? Then work to dissolve them like they did in Iraq. It's up to the people of a nation to dissolve the state when it gets out of hand. Not run away.

536c8 No.5320

you have no idea how things work around here
jordan was doomed from the start
*not like i can move anyway

b16a6 No.5328

So is America kek.
If your country or region is so shit help change it instead of running away is what I'm saying. No matter how big the problem is.

a022b No.5338

well i hate the general population,not the country itself
theres nothing i can do about that
by doomed from the start i meant cucked and is destined to remain a glorified refugee camp
if the hashemites get wiped off the map itll help with the last part but thats too far fetched,theres endless hordes of bedouins that are willing to sacrifice themselves for the royal family

b16a6 No.5346

Imagine being scared of some sand-people. Join your local Ba'athist chapter or voulenteer in the Syrian Civil War. Just because it's hard to change your goverment doesn't mean it's impossible.
I hate the majority of Americans, it's about respecting them for what they could be with proper leadership and stability.

File: 1583856392732.png (104.22 KB, 1000x652, 1581321895203.png)

569ed No.5307[Reply]

Would /all/ kill for a dumpster?

6fd0e No.5308

File: 1583857113731.jpg (60.27 KB, 1280x720, 3eb53bfd.jpg)

Get those disgusting mutts out of here.

10153 No.5333

Says Finlandi

3464a No.5334

ja din dumma jänkarjävel

snubben sa "jag ska döda dig" framför två grabbar med hagelgevär
hur dum får man vara

425a5 No.5335

/all/ is English speaking

3464a No.5345

bryr mig inte, ska du skallra eller

File: 1580746115600.png (129.96 KB, 640x773, 0muhwp23su241.png)

27509 No.4187[Reply]

what kind of music do you bros listen to?
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d1238 No.5021

72809 No.5027

Hmm. Yes I see.
You said your name was Mr.Pede? Here to pick up your kid? Right this way we need to delouse you before we can let you into the Summer Camp.

461e5 No.5072

I listen doom metal music sometimes,Recommended thurisaz band this group is awesome man

4a933 No.5079

i have this as my alarm and its the only song that i can wake up to

c02f0 No.5306

Mr. West's

File: 1583696800208.jpg (72.96 KB, 803x924, Yuinpeppu.jpg)

fc008 No.5281[Reply]

Ex wife sex doll project is temporarily on hiatus. I met this cute ~20 year old girl yesterday and fell in love. I opened her the door to a market and she gave me this look. I think it lasted only 600-700 milliseconds but felt like she gave me a virtual blowjob. She left the store with a blue VW Passat and I picked up her license plates, apparently the car is registered to her father who lives nearby. I have the plate on my search agent on this car sales site Nettiauto.com, if it comes for sale I'll buy it and steam wash the seat and distill the water to make a perfume of her :3 (the car had cloth seats)
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4927a No.5287

you can do it in Sweden as long as the owner hasn't made his license plate ownership private

78255 No.5290

Godspeed you dandy rascal.

b05d3 No.5295

It's so easy especially if you have the VIN as well. Do you not know how to use the internet?

d81f7 No.5297

no it's literally not possible in Denmark, so I thought this was standard for all nordic countries

78255 No.5299

Stop thinking like an american.

File: 1583268905803.png (892.28 KB, 2048x1408, Duif.png)

42440 No.5150[Reply]

due duif tred
pls post dues

ce67f No.5282

Alors on danse.

File: 1583321419865.jpg (256.86 KB, 1200x800, DSC_0159.JPG)

bb9df No.5178[Reply]

i bought some beer, bacon and pizza. Nice you see ur chan is still running.
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87fb7 No.5271

Also, i think condiment tubes would be really nice to have for camping or for picknics.

b9502 No.5272

finnish mustard is weak :DDDD

bb9df No.5274

File: 1583597027049.jpg (1.46 MB, 1136x3543, 6410402017256.jpg)

We have different types. Some is weak some is very strong

6db03 No.5276

I think it looks beautiful tbh. Especially when compared to the hell-scapes that are American cities.
Oh sorry, I forgot the mass amounts of high fructose corn syrup!

7085a No.5278

>high fructose corn syrup
We don't use that

File: 1583381743424.jpg (15.58 KB, 237x329, 1575211124148.jpg)

4efac No.5215[Reply]


eb2e7 No.5221

Moomin is a gay anime

1c730 No.5248

It's just you anon.

File: 1583404558862.jpg (333.32 KB, 1200x800, DSC_0159.JPG)

7f649 No.5223[Reply]

i bought some beer and chicken

2f0ce No.5225

no you didnt, that is yesterdays 24 pack and leftovers from another one, stop lying in internet

a5118 No.5226

Theres something wrong with your chicken.

7f649 No.5230

File: 1583417593105.jpg (114.44 KB, 1200x1600, ca467e88-d49c-473a-9f76-8a….jpg)

7f649 No.5231

Come drink with me swedish mate

b1894 No.5233

nice I am going to buy more canned foods because I'm scared of the corona virus :p I'm super prepared now and I might buy antibiotics, pain killers and a mask too

tasty :D

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