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File: 1581102522500.gif (13.87 KB, 168x182, ipi11.gif)

6b304 No.4589[Reply]

post your best ismo

6b304 No.4591

File: 1581110606873.gif (16.81 KB, 144x206, ipi4.gif)

>mfw people are not posting their best ismos

File: 1580946819749.png (82.97 KB, 350x347, hat.png)

747d7 No.4488[Reply]

Whats the most effective way to grow the nordic superfood bilberries?

29ad4 No.4515

File: 1581008282471.jpg (73.49 KB, 700x426, stop.jpg)

First put the seed in grass and then you have to urinate on it everyday for about half a year until you have the final result. Thank me later.

and also:
>stop posting frogs

433cd No.4582

File: 1581098100056.png (171.98 KB, 463x342, 3a1dbe3f.png)

go to forest and pick them

a7c66 No.4588

this. I don't know why anyone would grow them it's much easier to just pick a lot of them and freeze them

File: 1580760288260.jpg (33.34 KB, 333x499, Shogun.jpg)

c16e7 No.4313[Reply]

big book thread

recommend literature to others
do reviews of books

tell people what you think about books

if you even read books. if you don't that's ok

talk about books

this is the big book thread
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47f59 No.4338

Sweden was huge on Nazi German influence between '31-65' so there's one Swedish translation from '34 and one from 1941. There are more recent translations too.

c16e7 No.4339

File: 1580763044532.jpg (21.67 KB, 320x452, Sparta.jpg)

this is another good book that I like

Sparta by british historian guy Paul Cartledge

e0f3d No.4393

It isnt probably In my local library so i would have to buy it. I wonder what people thought about me if ibyed "bad Hitler nazi book" :D

3c65f No.4426

Id be less worried about buying it than checking it out from the library, i dont know about finngolia but in america your public library activity and books you check out are monitored by DHS and youll be put on watchlists if you checkout certain books or visit certain websites whilst checked into a library computer. If you find a bookstore that sells it just pay cash, or find a free pdf online.

5e407 No.4587

Storm of Steel by Ernst Jünger

File: 1581066684495.jpg (691.73 KB, 1500x800, din_mammas_fitta.jpg)

41750 No.4559[Reply]

din mammas fitta
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bff62 No.4564

din mamma hund

b18b3 No.4565

File: 1581085954856.png (22.45 KB, 252x438, mongooli_biitit.png)

ja jag håller med jag hatar henne

80ee5 No.4566


3aad1 No.4569

File: 1581089162937.gif (876.12 KB, 1372x1024, 1557170502098.gif)

vitusti autismi :DDDDDDD

80ee5 No.4570

XD served

File: 1580947119100.png (211.45 KB, 404x365, steam.png)

ab71b No.4489[Reply]

is schleswig holstein /nord/ ?
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68e01 No.4541

where did you even get this craxy far fetched theory

f5262 No.4542

from Flashback shitposters so it must be true

68e01 No.4543

yes of coirse

1ccff No.4550

Let's form a Scandinavian militia to defend from the Kraut/EU menace, and just guerrilla fight in the mountains Taliban-style.

34971 No.4553

Fort Hinmelbjerget

File: 1580157174728.jpg (85.91 KB, 480x640, karhu.jpg)

0f58f No.3635[Reply]

Is bear the most based animal?

>if it has to defend its babies it just kills the dangerous animal

>cares about its health, eats lots of berries
>doesnt need to move in any groups because its so fucking strong
>sleeps well
>basically eats anything
>can beat multiple wolves even if they attack at once
>the second biggest living creature in finland
>easily kills any animal
>absolute unit
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4c54a No.4482

4c54a No.4483

File: 1580940072462.jpg (246.77 KB, 1220x926, glom valas.jpg)

>>4476 >>4481 >>4474

645c3 No.4496


86016 No.4507

very nice

d7100 No.4519


File: 1579924099977.png (1.53 MB, 1454x1774, 1562448002262.png)

01930 No.3345[Reply]

Why are Anglos so ugly?
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8b8fd No.4494

Anglos are literal mutts, and also inbred.

f2a1a No.4502

It's because the royal family is German, part-black and part-jew.

c84cb No.4503

Truly an epic reflection on the state of the U.K.

e54c3 No.4504


Also part muslim

f0a5b No.4506

I heard they no longer wanted to be part of the royal family

so now it's the other guy I can't remember his name. william or harry which is the bald guy?

File: 1580973891474.gif (699.22 KB, 496x280, i win again, just like alw….gif)

88ea3 No.4493[Reply]

>go to kc
>"banned for monkeyposting"
>scrolls down
>place is being flooded

Haha karma is a bitch huh

e63f6 No.4495

Kc tier

259dd No.4497

did you make tinder thread?

88ea3 No.4500

How dare you accuse me of being a s*uth br*zillian!

File: 1580920806186.jpg (32.34 KB, 657x527, 1565238824273.jpg)

68f0a No.4458[Reply]

spreadable margarine is more expensive than actual butter where I live
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6e2e7 No.4467

thanks :)

40326 No.4468

Why, bro? I can't think of any good reason for buying that crap instead of real butter.

68f0a No.4475

because generally bregott was cheaper than smör

8cc19 No.4490

try olive oil spread, its so much easier

c44db No.4492

My mom prefers it over butter for certain things when she bakes.

File: 1579628033294.jpg (419.87 KB, 2021x2220, 1524922493012.jpg)

e1890 No.2826[Reply]

edizione nuova
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7794d No.2901

File: 1579633212838.jpg (202.65 KB, 1280x720, tjöck.jpg)

2fab8 No.2903

italians totally served

c5399 No.4442

è lui o non è lui?

8ec72 No.4443

Pasta biologniese mama mia thats a spicy meat-a Ball

5aea3 No.4487

File: 1580943227227.jpg (101.82 KB, 720x720, 1558456884161.jpg)

Me chiamo anon. Un poco italiano parlo. Una donna italiano io prendo por favor.

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