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File: 1581791813576.png (53.72 KB, 615x295, 000635.png)

de49a No.4824[Reply]

easiest way for suicide?
asking for a friend
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afecd No.4958

Are you a faggot? Just work out and stop masturbating to images of the cloven ones.

18c3d No.4959

Gain as much independance as possible, it will get better.

38bd2 No.4960

I think he said in another thread that he is indeed a fagot

f629d No.4972

File: 1582201307451.png (22.45 KB, 252x438, mongooli_biitit.png)

i cant gain weight and i dont masturbate often
that was the plan before this recent turn of events

afecd No.4976

My sandnigger, what? Do you have a high metabolism? Check to find out your caloric intake you need to mantain your weight.
BMR x 1.5 if you're a sedentaray faggot
But if you want to bulk up you need to eat more than your caloric intake and make sure you're eating shit tons of protein. There are infinite guides online;
You have probally seen this on /fit/ it's good and will teach you all about caloric intake and good dieting tips to bulk up.
Also stop being a faggot. It's not good for your body, it's not good for your mind, it's not good for society as a whole.
Like any addiction you can quit it. If you can't there is always therapy or just dealing with it.
Life is a struggle nobody will better your body for you. You have to do it yourself.

File: 1580808206949-0.jpg (952.9 KB, 1920x1080, ww2start.jpg)

File: 1580808206949-1.jpg (538.79 KB, 1920x1080, WaW.jpg)

File: 1580808206949-2.jpg (964.83 KB, 1920x1080, Jap1.jpg)

9fbdc No.4357[Reply]

WW2 has started!

Game is Strategic Command: world at war and i will be playing Japan, with AI controlling Germany and Italy against allies and comintern also controlled by AI.

Difficulty is medium, with no bonuses to me nor for compuuta.

I will not apologize for the language i will be using, just focus on the screenshots, which i will be providing as i go.

ww2start: this is the first picture you get when starting.

WaW: map of the playarea, whole world as is the name of the game.

Jap1: This is my situation, allready war with China, going to push 2 main ways and 2 sideways forward.

SC:WaW is good, you can buy it from steam. Also SC:war in europe.
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d71e2 No.4940

File: 1582128245529.jpg (1004.08 KB, 1920x1080, Germ4.jpg)

Usa just keeps trying to invade my mainland, maybe 4th invasion group coming right at me. This time i just dont have enough navy anymore, because ive been fighting US navy all the time and causing heavy losses.

Maybe they get soe troops on the ground this time…

Germ4: Not long anymore, i estimate 2-5 turns and Germany is gone.

d71e2 No.4941

File: 1582129999463-0.jpg (609.82 KB, 1920x1080, LiterallyHitler.jpg)

File: 1582129999463-1.jpg (923.69 KB, 1920x1080, LastGermuie.jpg)

File: 1582129999463-2.jpg (463.2 KB, 1920x1080, World4.jpg)

Hitler is dead, he has committed (((Suicide)))!

Almost done…

World4: 1. Italy has surrendered.
2. Im so close to conquering india…
3. Russia is now pushing with full force, i could hold like 3 more turns.
4. All the US invasions to the japan mainland failed, but i know thei power just keeps growing, while mine diminishes…

5. I brought almost all ground units i had on the southern part and threw them into australian soil, kicking US ass now.

d71e2 No.4942

File: 1582131337008-0.jpg (746.19 KB, 1920x1080, TheEnd.jpg)

File: 1582131337008-1.jpg (443.68 KB, 1920x1080, TheEndworld.jpg)

File: 1582131337008-2.jpg (569.62 KB, 1920x1080, EndLosses.jpg)

File: 1582131337008-3.jpg (78.64 KB, 960x720, An Allied Victory!.jpg)

THE END! Germany has surrendered.

I had "option" to continue to the end, but gamewise there is no point and it will be boring, because i cant win or even get a draw anymore.

Everything went fine until Germany started war with Soviet Union. They moved way too slow and Soviets had too much time to build up.

This was medium difficulty. If i had controlled Germany, it would most likely been win.

EndLosses: Total detailed losses statistics, I managed to cause massive damage to US navy.


Thankyou for reading through this thread, not many comments, so i suppose this Chan is dead, like Hitler.

Maybe ill do another game, maybe not, maybe i do it somewhere else, like 4chan /int/

2ca57 No.4945

More complicated means you can do more complex movements though. Is there no attrition in this? Could of tried retreating and bunkering in Shikang (putting your troops in mountains) while fucking with the U.S's navy.

d71e2 No.4974

File: 1582207996476.jpg (205.97 KB, 519x801, the-hunt-for-red-october-b….jpg)

Yes there is supply and attrition.
And also Morale and readiness 1-100%.

National morale changes from losing cities or ships or important units and affects the will for fighting.

Readiness changes depending if units is on supply and if it gets to rest between fighting.

Supply affects both those and if out of supply, units starts to lose points and eventually die. So you can siege cities and capture them, if you bomb their supply down. Every city is a supply source tho.

I love HOI4, but its so complicated, its not very fun to screenshot-AAR. More fitting for live streaming and i dont do those.

File: 1582116725693.jpg (166.56 KB, 1031x1031, 1573072086518.jpg)

c0703 No.4933[Reply]

Official Nordchan Duck Appreciation Thread
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b9710 No.4956

What in the godamn?

a64f5 No.4957

But they have cloacas though

5c7cc No.4961

Duck breast is best breast. : DD

7d064 No.4965

File: 1582192196863.gif (111.87 KB, 267x200, wowcool.gif)

c0703 No.4973

File: 1582206984362-0.jpg (323.32 KB, 522x1134, 1579087248275.jpg)

File: 1582206984362-1.jpg (50.63 KB, 540x794, fb8c60a9f906a3247d94680b0b….jpg)

File: 1582185985388-0.mp4 (2.65 MB, 720x1156, 8ZWejCGPR_1YYEZ8.mp4)

File: 1582185985388-1.mp4 (3.83 MB, 320x690, O_cyvAEUdjwtl6i-.mp4)

File: 1582185985388-2.mp4 (2.91 MB, 720x720, vrgusKshZwOl445B.mp4)

3b29a No.4962[Reply]

Sit back, and enjoy the invasion.
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3b29a No.4966

Ah yes. The classic scenario where the Swede beats a pack of 3-5 Arabs.


piss in her mouth
she got whats coming to her for being a coal burner
girl who got jumped by another pack of arabs in Sweden.

ee79e No.4968

So curl up into ball and take it like a bitch? Youre not a fucking armadillo are you anon?

3b29a No.4969

You wouldn't protect your vital organs like your brain if jumped by a violent threat you have no chance of defeating?

ee79e No.4970

>no chance of defeating
1, why are you in a ghetto? 2, ive seen your skinny floppies, they aint shit.

38bee No.4971

>The classic scenario where the Swede beats a pack of 3-5 Arabs.
This happened but with 10 Swedes at a high school vs 20-30 arabs in southern sweden. The swedish high schoolers had trained MMA so they got the arabs to run away even though some of them had knifes

File: 1581255556864.png (70.78 KB, 1526x968, yn0pk3m4d5m21.png)

ded9d No.4653[Reply]

my shop had freshly baked ryebread buns for only 4 kr a piece
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e50da No.4729

I like eggplants but I don't like beans. I wonder if growing peas is hard. I love peas

683de No.4730

Ive never grown peas, but i think theyre a cool weather crop and dont like much heat so theyve got to be started early iirc. Whats nice is they dont grow that tall like pole beans.

50337 No.4731

Nigger tongue my anus.

35b9d No.4948

that is quite cheap, is it realy your shop?

9ade3 No.4952

There is always pumpernickel.

File: 1580233522809.jpg (57.26 KB, 657x668, 1563208191243.jpg)

62aae No.3752[Reply]

first ever nordchan allþing
all cityfag-ips should be permanently banned
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13419 No.3755

File: 1580233997504.jpg (11.87 KB, 163x156, IMG_20200117_083605.jpg)


397c3 No.3770

good fat thor post

storting vote commences now

do you want more fat thors?

everyone who is for this say aye


13419 No.3773


397c3 No.3775

votes for more fat thor: 2

votes against: 0

a1a3a No.4951

i agree

File: 1579966898193.png (439.44 KB, 846x720, norwayhug.png)

34770 No.3383[Reply]

does this happen irl real life?
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31406 No.4766

So yourselves.

18c53 No.4767

File: 1581546520206.png (120.56 KB, 905x736, dane cucks - cumskins lose….png)

Fuck you cuck, i'm med

b4094 No.4768


9273d No.4782

File: 1581633057643.jpg (97.08 KB, 611x711, condecending anime girl.jpg)

I can prove you are a cuck, you can't prove i'm a nigger

4730a No.4947

i do not see why not

File: 1581752586080.jpg (5.6 KB, 205x240, 2ded08e1.jpg)

0b1fe No.4810[Reply]

I fucking hate valentine's day. All stupid normies are happy about being able to buy high prized cheap products for their love interests and friends.

I do not hate it because I don't have any friends, but because it is such a big commercial thing and big stores make a lot of money by basically commercializing romantic love and stupid people fall for it.
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0aa52 No.4836

Romantic love is literally fake. You're not supposed to "fall in love" with a stranger and suddenly want to marry them.

0e44e No.4838

How so?

0aa52 No.4840

The whole idea of "Romantic love" is that you marry people because you love them.
That makes no sense. Why would you love an absolute stranger? Just because she looks good? No, that's only part of the package. You marry them for children and fall in love separately.

881d8 No.4858

>Depressed Finnish man
>Crafty Meatball
>Burger complaning about Capitalism
>Danish people attacking the concept of love entirely
This is perfectly balanced as all things should be.

68173 No.4946

do people actually celebrate it fin finland or northern europe?
i don't know anyone who does anything with it.
i only here some normies complain that they are signle on valentines day or taht they didnt even notice it and had something with a friend planned on that day totaly not romantic omg xd.

File: 1582053892578.jpg (33.66 KB, 640x480, 1569392681766.jpg)

e0205 No.4914[Reply]

>used to buy ettan for 28 kr
>now it costs 56

57d6e No.4916

cigarettes are gonna start costing 80 DKK here.
or as swedes like to call it 700 SEK.

85e35 No.4918

Snus? More like Anus.
Save money and suck on silica gel packets instead.

4c1da No.4925

hello grandpa!

File: 1581156210299.png (30.02 KB, 332x390, 1581128972976.png)

0de78 No.4598[Reply]

Why is the traffic so slow suddenly? Where are all my nordbros?
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8a7e5 No.4780

I'm alive :D

Is your work stressful?

Good luck with your goal of being more social fat Thor finn :)

a6418 No.4781

>Is your work stressful?
Extremely. We are currently expanding at a rapid pace. Low overhead and extremely high risks, we could do enough mistakes in one month to kill the 45 year old company. I spend around 8000€ investing in new equipment on a typical day. Ex wife sex doll project is my way to escape.

1243e No.4864

Is that the manga verison to "Zankyou No Terror" or am I retärdø?

0de78 No.4873

No, that's the manga version of "NHK ni youkoso!"

1243e No.4924

Oh no I am retardø. I never got through watching that tbh, did not of knowing it had a paper verison

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