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File: 1580745967746.jpg (34.41 KB, 600x640, 25.jpg)

b4c4d No.4184[Reply]

FYfan vad najs att vi kan ha en chan för oss själva, nu jävlar rullar vi igång den här skandibros

20b80 No.4185

is this finnish hate?
i can't read homolanguage XDD

d6678 No.4191

I think he's saying it's nice to have a board for ourselves. :D

be927 No.4192

File: 1580746668127.jpg (374.45 KB, 791x861, 1496759026397.jpg)

Don't worry there's medication for what you have somewhere atleast.

7df5a No.4193

File: 1580746918993.jpg (70.24 KB, 1280x720, tjock-tor 54.jpg)

File: 1579955200734.jpg (12.04 KB, 196x450, 23372a2e.jpg)

52dd1 No.3359[Reply]

Im in a bus with no toilet for another 20 mins and i feel like my urinary bladder is gonna blow up any minute. After i get out of the bus i still have to walk for about ten minutes to access toilet.

Fuck me
I feel like im gonna die
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8d39f No.3374

sorry I didn't mean to be rude to catholics it came out sounding rude :(

52dd1 No.3375

Hello. Sorry for the delay but im home now and i did indeed survive. Thanks for all the replies

Yes i did end up peeing in the librarys wc and i cant describe how awesome it felt. I think i switched to a different world for a few minutes, a heaven on earth because i got rid of all the pressure.

But im gonna get something to eat my hands are shaking like hell.

1f834 No.3376

What did you get to eat anon? Did you wash your hands?

52dd1 No.3378

I eat pizza :D
and i did wash my hands after peeing but not at home if it is very significant information

8d39f No.4173


File: 1580648428604.png (404.61 KB, 973x868, nimetön.png)

6e31a No.4116[Reply]

Welcome to the first annual Nordchan Mujaffa Spilet tournament. In this ebin thread you have one week to create a high score and post it in with tripcode. The winner will get a bottle on akvavit on the first Nordchan meet.

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7c211 No.4120

donut downlodd is verus

6e31a No.4123

Yes the download doesn't work. Trying to find a working link because the controls on the browser version suck

199d2 No.4142

I believe DR actually had to apologize for this in later years because it was called "perker spillet". we've gotten so cucked.


72fe5 No.4143

They should have not apologized.

6e31a No.4144

The apology happened in 2000.

File: 1580641796714.png (234.26 KB, 340x452, filthy blood.png)

bb38f No.4111[Reply]

What would you do if you acidentally killed a man?

i would maybe put the body in a bag (with gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints), drag it deep to some forest and bury it five feet deep, all this would have to be done at night and i couldn't be wearing shoes because they would reveal what the killers shoes were and i would be easier caught.

Has anyone gotten better ideas? reply quick.
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7c4af No.4136

I would get a garbage bag and put the body in it then maybe drive to the water and dump the body in the ocean xD

7c4af No.4137

oh and I would tie heavy rocks to the body so it sinks to the bottom of the sea of course :P

853e5 No.4139

relating to the morbid subject, I do have something I've been thinking about.


I've been reading stories like these of Mexican cartels in particular dissolving bodies in sulfuric acid, and it doesn't make sense. Buying a tub of sulfuric acid + the high conc. peroxide that would be necessary to create the piranha solution optimal for body decomposition would FAR exceed the cost of simple incineration with an oxidizer.

Why does mehicans do this, desu?

853e5 No.4140

Not to mention the cleanup of neutralizing the super-acid. It just seems odd.

Maybe they took breaking bad as a how-to guide

62ea6 No.4141

I would cut body to small pieces and put them on biowaste.

File: 1580557036751.jpg (105.32 KB, 537x599, äidinnussintapeli.jpg)

afd4a No.4070[Reply]

worst thing you ever done?
me start: put ketchup on a pizza which had pineapple in it.
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e50df No.4127

Kiellän kaiken.

afd4a No.4128

kiellä tuomarille

d513e No.4129

File: 1580653041476.jpg (179.59 KB, 1000x730, SÄPO.jpg)

afd4a No.4130

Hello supo here again

where did you get material of our secret office room? If this is hackering i will report it to the swedish police for illegal government secret information holding.

d513e No.4131

look at the cap SUPO guy is same as SÄPO and PET which is denmark's secret police :P

File: 1580558312182.gif (315.81 KB, 241x200, 1580301498278.gif)

ea40c No.4072[Reply]

Just checking
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ea40c No.4076

Bög Noot should make an archive for the first pentas and then for the first hexas, septas and finally octas

01e8a No.4093

File: 1580592098408.jpg (40.08 KB, 540x560, 1577327498852.jpg)


16767 No.4094

File: 1580592257538.jpg (6.61 KB, 131x240, 2529428f.jpg)

so, it is viral then..

042e6 No.4108

wow calm down your memes is this mumin AND donadl??

16767 No.4110

File: 1580641169414.jpg (13.64 KB, 532x792, 0fa4ac24.jpg)

File: 1580556253189.jpg (16.18 KB, 399x400, 1565471378282.jpg)

52fe7 No.4068[Reply]

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edb0a No.4087

52fe7 No.4088

File: 1580576802846.jpg (33.66 KB, 640x480, 1569392681766.jpg)

fe79e No.4089

File: 1580578016169.jpg (44.22 KB, 750x445, röv.jpg)

fat thor eliminates the frogs :P

edb0a No.4090

Nice job fat thor

9d435 No.4106

File: 1580637007260.jpg (38.35 KB, 604x453, be50e092.jpg)

File: 1580594881647.png (6.97 KB, 404x278, 1512562482408.png)

92b29 No.4095[Reply]

autisti (awt-eesti)
coincidence ?
i think not

84188 No.4096

yes agree its not a coincidence
eesti and finland are so similar amirite

3cd97 No.4099

File: 1580598004367.png (62.12 KB, 1000x1000, eesti.png)

We are the two quiet autistic friends sitting together at the lunch table at school

File: 1580562739627.png (2.78 MB, 1920x1080, 1535123563126.png)

ab436 No.4081[Reply]

>Awake but at what cost

b60c9 No.4082

What was the price

0a20f No.4083

So far its 20 DKK in redbull
Having obligations suck

b60c9 No.4084

i have lived today on about 5 euros so far. Couple of morning beers and bread.

File: 1579625220536.jpg (103.53 KB, 422x507, 5c98d94802.jpg)

71ba9 No.2803[Reply]

Is the Kola Peninsula considered Scandinavian?
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040bd No.3340

your thread was so good finland man next time we get the thread I will make sure to bump it often

sorry xD

aec1b No.3341

File: 1579903225798.jpeg (60.15 KB, 600x200, iso aku.jpeg)

looking for ward your thread

56800 No.3342

File: 1579903593470.jpg (17.14 KB, 499x499, Im pretty sure that happen….jpg)

Нормалёк, чётенько. Как надо.

be7fe No.3344

it is ok it was well deserved gg wp

03184 No.4074

That's false, Pit-comb ware was in Evrope since 6000 BC

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