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File: 1581976918819.png (168.49 KB, 445x487, nordchankitten.PNG)

f7ec8 No.4860[Reply]

The boards has become a little more slow over the past few weeks.

Nordchan isn't going anywhere. I'll keep maintaining it, and paying the bills. But I'd love to hear any suggestions on what could be done to make more Scandinavians aware we exist.

As per user suggestions: Here's some chans that could perhaps could be useful to advertise on
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f7ec8 No.4913

File: 1582053859845.jpg (127.04 KB, 1218x848, boba.JPG)

thanks for the feedback!

I have a few ideas I'll try out.
it's amazing that some people call this site home.

there's no better anons to shitpost with than you.

014b4 No.4919

My Nigerian, what?

d8896 No.4920

2c6fa No.4921

Use the same strategy as mewch did. Just spam the shit out all altchans.

014b4 No.4923

Hmm. Seems gay to be honest.

File: 1582022306871.jpg (25.71 KB, 382x480, a596f579.jpg)

374af No.4875[Reply]

I just recovered from my sickness. I am also staying home today because last evening I still had 38°C fever do it's going to be a comfy af day.

8d83a No.4876

What did it feel like to be touched by coronachan? Was she gentile? Is she a good lover?

6384a No.4905

get well fast

watch now

File: 1581875119558.png (218.11 KB, 486x514, azumanga_daioh_kasuga_ayum….png)

192f8 No.4841[Reply]

come home astro!!
new ownership no stinky old bo

b2d8b No.4842

sry no too much nime and girls (not homl)

3094e No.4861

t. homo

File: 1581667301526.png (1.23 MB, 2010x1017, w.png)

00567 No.4786[Reply]

please notice me norway

e6589 No.4803

Bump so that norway can see

f21fd No.4825

accurate historical pic

b6c11 No.4844

>be roastie
>walking cavity
>have smaller sapient brain
>shit personality, chads will fuck another pussy the moment you try to leverage your sex like a prostitute
>crusty panties few hours after wearing
>pathologically virtue-signal due to low-esteem
>chemically castrated at the time of menses
>prone to hypochondria, know they are physically defective by birth
>will never have a penis and be able to gain muscles
>the idyllic man they finger fuck themselves to is married to a woman who doesn't wear cake masks.

bc49d No.4845

Why is your english so shit?
Do you even get proper education there

13574 No.4846

I think I've read it somewere else, It's probably a copypasta

File: 1581794985769.jpg (276.47 KB, 960x1280, a5b7345b.jpg)

77d9b No.4826[Reply]

Lönnrot was Binnish :DD

17e0d No.4834

No shit man

File: 1581670294930.jpg (75.98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

f7ce5 No.4788[Reply]

Ex wife sex doll anon here. Alcoholic ex gf asked me for valentines fuck. I would like to go to ex wife instead but she has blocked my calls. What to do? I made a fake profile on Facebook to contact exwaifu but she hasn't seen the message for 2 hours.
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df111 No.4812

my date went awful bros

df111 No.4813

> I should beat her up.

df111 No.4814

yes he should probably find another girl until he finishes his sex doll

f7ce5 No.4820

I mostly only want the doll but when it's finished I'll lure ex wife for a side by side comparison somehow. Might have to break open the chlroform.

2cf87 No.4821


File: 1579281962104.jpg (59.29 KB, 390x550, 81keqIN-tlL._SY550_.jpg)

76b47 No.2236[Reply]

big movie thread

discuss movies
give movie advice to others
review movies
what are some good movies that you watched recently?

this is the big movie thread
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b814e No.4097

which one?

8a447 No.4098

I still haven't watched it :D i was planning on watching the dracula

maybe tomorrow because i feel tired now

76b47 No.4596

does anyone know any good tv shows to watch? I was gonna make a big series thread but maybe we can just keep tv shows in the movie thread

0bb54 No.4809

File: 1581751864813.jpg (44.5 KB, 609x441, iancurtis.jpg)

Sorry I dont watch shows

I watched Joy division- control recently and it was really good and touching movie. I think it counts as a movie even thought it is kinda like a documentary.

Thanks to jordaniananon for recommending me this band.

76b47 No.4816

nice I know that band. I had a friend in grade 9 who loved them

File: 1581686834855.jpg (68.97 KB, 1080x796, 1564766540503.jpg)

a361e No.4793[Reply]

post pic of yourself wiping your ass with the f*nngolian flag and ill Swish©®™ you 10 :- (SEK)

a361e No.4794

we need to drive these ugly gook mutts off OUR website.
julyuiliatuta is THATA WAY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

3c6d3 No.4795

Can you transfer to finnish IBAN account?

3c6d3 No.4796

File: 1581695920555.jpg (97.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

5528c No.4804

File: 1581718057055.jpg (43.18 KB, 600x300, 1579200971779.jpg)

I dont understand the instructions but here is my likely face after wiping my ass

88e90 No.4815

bad thread

File: 1581714742967.jpg (128.09 KB, 656x1000, 1574862243068.jpg)

6a8d8 No.4798[Reply]

dead board lol

6a8d8 No.4799

File: 1581714774324.mp4 (1.27 MB, 352x262, gets.mp4)

6a8d8 No.4800

File: 1581714825716.mp4 (260.65 KB, 800x450, get.mp4)

and another one

2ba79 No.4801

I love this nime
The girls are just so cute and I really want to see season 2

6a8d8 No.4805

very comfy

File: 1580910685351.jpg (353.31 KB, 800x600, 01-001.jpg)

ba5d6 No.4447[Reply]

Sad story, READ OUT!
In The Evening When Girl And Boy Sitting In Park.

The girl says: Do you think I'm cute?
The boy says, No.
The girl says: Would you kill yourself to save me?
The boy says, No.
The girl says: Would you be sad if I died?
The boy says, No.

The girl had heard enough and started running home.
The boy took the girl by the hand and said: I don't think you are cute, you are the most beautiful in the world.
I wouldn't kill myself, I would ask you to do it. I wouldn't be sad if you died because I'd die myself.
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74c48 No.4547


a608b No.4548

File: 1581014397525.gif (653.27 KB, 500x643, 1578575163355.gif)

a608b No.4549

I will stop now lole

02a6e No.4761

File: 1581512142336.png (400.66 KB, 468x475, 72cf682bc7014df6913f30c35b….png)

fe6fe No.4797

You snus you lose

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