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Where is binland hating svennejävel? Sucking benis? :DD
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/webm-mp4/ general

Webm/mp4 support added! Dump your webms here.
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Today is saturday february, 22, 2020

The sun is out and it is going to be 45 degrees american, i think ill go to the beach and watch the waves.
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anon, are you suvakki?
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This is Lympri, finnish elite commando. Say something nice about him because you might be on his sights.
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How did you discover Nordchan?
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alright now this site has actually dogit
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what kind of music do you bros listen to?
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Everybody must answer to this thread. If you don’t answer this thread you are gay.
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I don't believe what the science people say about induced drag. If air is a fluid then why does it matter whether you are going up or down or staying level? You will be opposing the same force. And how does low pressure behind the aircraft slow it down? Or how does creating a vortex behind it slow it down? This is all made up.
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easiest way for suicide?
asking for a friend
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SC: WaW Japan

WW2 has started!

Game is Strategic Command: world at war and i will be playing Japan, with AI controlling Germany and Italy against allies and comintern also controlled by AI.

Difficulty is medium, with no bonuses to me nor for compuuta.

I will not apologize for the language i will be using, just focus on the screenshots, which i will be providing as i go.

ww2start: this is the first picture you get when starting.

WaW: map of the playarea, whole world as is the name of the game.

Jap1: This is my situation, allready war with China, going to push 2 main ways and 2 sideways forward.

SC:WaW is good, you can buy it from steam. Also SC:war in europe.
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Official Nordchan Duck Appreciation Thread
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Sit back, and enjoy the invasion.
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my shop had freshly baked ryebread buns for only 4 kr a piece
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first ever nordchan allþing
all cityfag-ips should be permanently banned
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does this happen irl real life?
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I fucking hate valentine's day. All stupid normies are happy about being able to buy high prized cheap products for their love interests and friends.

I do not hate it because I don't have any friends, but because it is such a big commercial thing and big stores make a lot of money by basically commercializing romantic love and stupid people fall for it.
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>used to buy ettan for 28 kr
>now it costs 56
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Why is the traffic so slow suddenly? Where are all my nordbros?
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Slow times

The boards has become a little more slow over the past few weeks.

Nordchan isn't going anywhere. I'll keep maintaining it, and paying the bills. But I'd love to hear any suggestions on what could be done to make more Scandinavians aware we exist.

As per user suggestions: Here's some chans that could perhaps could be useful to advertise on
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I just recovered from my sickness. I am also staying home today because last evening I still had 38°C fever do it's going to be a comfy af day.
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king fat thor

fat thor thread
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come home astro!!
new ownership no stinky old bo
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please notice me norway
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Lönnrot was Binnish :DD
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Ex wife sex doll anon here. Alcoholic ex gf asked me for valentines fuck. I would like to go to ex wife instead but she has blocked my calls. What to do? I made a fake profile on Facebook to contact exwaifu but she hasn't seen the message for 2 hours.
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big movie thread

big movie thread

discuss movies
give movie advice to others
review movies
what are some good movies that you watched recently?

this is the big movie thread
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a call to all (true) nords

post pic of yourself wiping your ass with the f*nngolian flag and ill Swish©®™ you 10 :- (SEK)
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dead board lol
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sad story

Sad story, READ OUT!
In The Evening When Girl And Boy Sitting In Park.

The girl says: Do you think I'm cute?
The boy says, No.
The girl says: Would you kill yourself to save me?
The boy says, No.
The girl says: Would you be sad if I died?
The boy says, No.

The girl had heard enough and started running home.
The boy took the girl by the hand and said: I don't think you are cute, you are the most beautiful in the world.
I wouldn't kill myself, I would ask you to do it. I wouldn't be sad if you died because I'd die myself.
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Finnish Moderator

Hello everyone. I'm sitting here working on the updated imageboard. Really excited to get this out for us. When it launches I'd like to make a strategy for making more nordics aware of the site. I'm working on that and hope we'll grow. It's oddly comforting to talk to people who live close to you. Makes things more relatabe.

What I really wanted to ask was, if any Finnish posters in here would be interested in taking up a position as moderator for the board. I specifically need someone who can speak finnish, because I find that we get a lot of people from Yliluata in waves, and I can't moderate Finnish content

The job won't be hard, and won't require you to browse Nordchan obsessively. Just check up on the most recent posts once a day, and correct stuff that shouldn't be here (flooding/illegal content). If you're interested in this, please send me an e-mail at takethatofftheinternet (at) gmail (dott) com

Please include your Discord ID if you have one.

Thanks all. 1 day to Friday!
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26 years old loser here, just lost my virginities over the course of this week;
I don't get it why /r9k/ says it's hard. All I had to do was harvest polen from a flower and turn it into honey myself
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Now that we have the embed, let's start a general music thread for discussion and suggestions.
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>from the moment swedes first set foot on eastern soil, carried across the waves of the baltic sea, on finly crafted vessles of brilliant engineering, and thusly became aquainted with those primitive tribes today colloquialy called 'finns', it became apparent to him, that he had stumbled upon a lower form of life.
>(…) the finns have no written language, no alphabet and no oral tradition to speak of, and his technological skills are limited at best! Whilst he can skillfully make wooden weapons and tools, such as bows and spears, he has not yet mastered the art of alchemy or of metalworking, much like the savages of the southlands.
>(…) a strange tradition in finnic society is a rite every male child must go through on the day of his 17th birthday; namely to sacrifice a lock of hair and semen unto a pagan, heretical deity called "the turnip god", or 'Äkräs', in their tounge.

From Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus.
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Three months… prepare to be beaten again. Can't wait to see how well Finland performs this year.
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Two and a half hours of these men arguing, every now and again the knight leaves the store and comes back; each time stronger, older, and more decorated of a soldier. The potion seller himself grew older as well, taking on a young apprentice that would ask why they did not just give the knight a potion every time. The potion seller would shush him, in all his great magic he knew something no one else did.

In the final scene they are both old men, the potion seller now an fantastical wizard and the knight the king of the country. The king begs for the strongest potions still, looking to keep strength to rule his kingdom longer and to give his people all he could. The knight broke down once more, begging the wizard, his voice choking in desperation.

The wizard smiled slyly, his wrinkled round face looking like a mask finally coming off. And in that true smile the kings heart flutters, excited as he thinks he will finally get what he desires.

"You never needed any of my potions, Traveler, the moment you walked in I could foresee your success." As the wizard speaks the camera leaves the shop, showing a beautiful, healthy kingdom. The light fades out, the credits begin.
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>order whitoids to give me money
>he only has a few potions

I suffer being brazillian
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How to get svenska gf?
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kalmar unionen
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Goddamnit! This Nordchan started whining that my posts look AUTOMATED when i try to post watstories on that Strategic command thread, unable to conitnue!!!
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I am hungry I want the food that I ordered specifically to 19:00 right now
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thor enjoying a nice day at the beach
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Precious Nordchans

Just dumping my collection of Nordchans. All of these are drawn by board users (many of them the same anon).
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>when you read from the quran at your public school madrasa for your oral report and get to the part about lol no pork
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fuck off finngolians
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una vela…
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aku ankka

kalle anka tråd
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My relatives :)
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post your best ismo
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Whats the most effective way to grow the nordic superfood bilberries?
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Big book thread

big book thread

recommend literature to others
do reviews of books

tell people what you think about books

if you even read books. if you don't that's ok

talk about books

this is the big book thread
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din mammas fitta
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is schleswig holstein /nord/ ?
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Is bear the most based animal?

>if it has to defend its babies it just kills the dangerous animal

>cares about its health, eats lots of berries
>doesnt need to move in any groups because its so fucking strong
>sleeps well
>basically eats anything
>can beat multiple wolves even if they attack at once
>the second biggest living creature in finland
>easily kills any animal
>absolute unit
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Why are Anglos so ugly?
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>go to kc
>"banned for monkeyposting"
>scrolls down
>place is being flooded

Haha karma is a bitch huh
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spreadable margarine is more expensive than actual butter where I live
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/ita/ - il filo

edizione nuova
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bagon hagrid
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Do you fear the gook virus?

Do you fear the sneezing asian /all/?
Or do you consider it a giant nothing bat burger??
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imagine being nordic
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Nostalgia thread

Dump your childhood here
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The body was too short or empty.
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multiple images where an mistake
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real papiesh hir
R: 12 / I: 13
Multiple images?! Think of the possibilities.

(Max of 4)
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Almost every day when I walk home I see 2 hares. they usually spend their time in the same area where there are a lot of trees and some hills and bushes. I use this area to take a shortcut home.

they are normally in pairs and run off when I come. today I accidentally made them split up. when I came they stood at some distance from each other. then they started running in different directions because they got scared.

I was carrying grocery bags. now I'm scared they got split up forever and won't find each other again because of me. they might not survive on their own because they're stupid but cute
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Finnish people on this board, what do you usually eat? Or rather, what is popular in finland? Frozen pizzas and pasta with jauheliha?
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Det här forumet

FYfan vad najs att vi kan ha en chan för oss själva, nu jävlar rullar vi igång den här skandibros
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Im in a bus with no toilet for another 20 mins and i feel like my urinary bladder is gonna blow up any minute. After i get out of the bus i still have to walk for about ten minutes to access toilet.

Fuck me
I feel like im gonna die
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Welcome to the first annual Nordchan Mujaffa Spilet tournament. In this ebin thread you have one week to create a high score and post it in with tripcode. The winner will get a bottle on akvavit on the first Nordchan meet.

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what if you accidentally killed a man

What would you do if you acidentally killed a man?

i would maybe put the body in a bag (with gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints), drag it deep to some forest and bury it five feet deep, all this would have to be done at night and i couldn't be wearing shoes because they would reveal what the killers shoes were and i would be easier caught.

Has anyone gotten better ideas? reply quick.
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worst thing you ever done?
me start: put ketchup on a pizza which had pineapple in it.
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Just checking
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autisti (awt-eesti)
coincidence ?
i think not
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>Awake but at what cost
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Is the Kola Peninsula considered Scandinavian?
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futuristic cyber thread

what do you think about the future?

do you think it is going to be good or bad

do you think it will be hyper technologic

what are your hopes?

what are your fears? for the future
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ITT we translate finnish words to swedish. I'll start:
<betala korv :D
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>go to the store
>get my stuff
>go pay
>all other cash desks are full
>go to a line to a normal desk
>hope people don't think i'm autistic because i can't use self-service machine

goosh i hate when this happens ! !!!!!!
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Video Gaymes

Does NC bläj gäjms? Are you eatening a snäks? Extrapolate lörs settis.

Me settis: redbull also Diablo 2, maybe AoE2 or some OpenXcom mods
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It's here! Check that lock in the URL bar!

Use the thread on >>>/meta/ if you're experiencing issues. I setup some redirects from http that are… experimental.
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I'm thinking about making a corona virus based mobile game to cash out on other people's suffering. Pitch me ideas!
R: 15 / I: 3
post your discord invites /all/
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How do you say "a Coomer", is it en Kommer or en Kummer ? Forgive me for my poor Norwegian
R: 8 / I: 6
Going to the store
R: 3 / I: 2
Ok this is ebin :–DD
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Northern lights conspiracy thread

Reviving Finland man's northern lights thread. Possible events and scenarios tied to the northern lights are

1. disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar wind causes northern lights. maybe this also opens up portals to different dimensions momentarily allowing different creatures to enter our world.
2. another possible explanation is that governments are causing the disturbances intentionally in order to experiment but are covering it up

which theory do you think is more likely
do you have any other theories these are the 2 theories that have been mentioned in the last thread
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Banners aren't working for me. Do I need to clear my whole browser cache?
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you know what i do before i even drink my coffee in the morning? i tell janjans on 4channel how much of an incel loser he is.
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something looks… different.
R: 17 / I: 1
my feet are hairy like hobbit feet
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The great history thread

Discussion about historical events that you maybe wouldn't want to make a separated thread for, or just any historical events that you are interested in General
Or if you like maybe some conspirancies aswell.

This is the great history thread 1.0
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new lean single and it didn't show on my youtube feed
something needs to be done about j*Wgle
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Describe 2020 in just four words
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OC/Creative general

Since we don't seem to have a board decicated for creative stuff for now, then let's at least have a thread for that, shall we?

I'll kick things off. Made a (shit) picture of Nordchan. Tried to make her look more feminine with the longer hair. I kept her helmet though, maybe we should give her a sword?
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I'm sick with the flu. Putting dev stuff on hold for a week or so until I feel better. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

I should've thanked Corona-chan when I had the chance.