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269ee No.1317

Now that we have the embed, let's start a general music thread for discussion and suggestions.

2e872 No.1319

I liked this Japanese song. It sounded like a good song for taking a walk. I am posting a song now and now I will sleep. Good night everyone

269ee No.1320

Good night! Heres another one of my favourite jap songs.

269ee No.1321


00d4d No.1322

This song is such a schmood

a72f8 No.1323

Pretty good OP

This movie could have been kino. Shame they fucked up the plot and pacing, it had good aesthetics and good music (the jazz especially). They should have made it more like the show from the 80's imo

30bc2 No.1326

00d4d No.1327

same energy, sort of

9502b No.1328

Riktigt baserad, älskar Anri

2e872 No.1343

Nice music everybody

2e872 No.1344

I am listening to this now

15276 No.1365

This is kinda neat

788b5 No.1405

15276 No.1419

788b5 No.1422

very based

15276 No.1453

any thrash fans here?

a2bcb No.1598

5ad74 No.1603

File: 1578829397329.gif (236.17 KB, 640x372, 1570211919421.gif)

a2bcb No.1608

i comented on that vid xd

5ad74 No.1612

>t. bananapielord

a2bcb No.1616

feeec No.2534

608f7 No.2535

Doesn't work atleast here in finland :(

608f7 No.2536


608f7 No.2537

the video i mean

feeec No.2588

00d4d No.2589

They are literally all blocked in Denmark. :(

2e872 No.2591

in sweden too. is it maybe blocked in all of the EU?

feeec No.2592

What about this live performance?

b556a No.2593

This works fine

6b376 No.2644

b556a No.2646

Black sabbath is awesome. I still prefer the songs with ozzy over dio but both are good.

2e872 No.2673

I love this song. I like Ozzy more than Dio but Dio is so good in this :)

b556a No.2686

as for other dio's songs, i like these ones:
rainbow- stargazer

Dio-don't talk to strangers

59a12 No.2690

b556a No.2695

this is a nostalgic song for me because i used to listen to this stuff in my early teens. (not in 1970s im a zoomer)

b556a No.2696

02243 No.2699

File: 1579554763566.gif (876.12 KB, 1372x1024, 1557170502098.gif)

2e872 No.2701

girlanon we have embed feature now :p

02243 No.2707

b556a No.2709

good songs

The embed isn't that great atm anyway

02243 No.2711

you like emily haines too?

b556a No.2713

this is too modern for my taste, but i dont hate it.

02243 No.2719

i got you,fantasies is a fantastic album

b556a No.2726

Yeah, i like it better than the previous one. Maybe i'll give it another listen sometime.

b6790 No.2729

The most beautiful song in pop music history.

feeec No.3163

b556a No.3167

This is finnish hip hop

b556a No.3326

37e18 No.3356

53e50 No.3377

boomer rap is cool

b556a No.3380

;( pray for ozzy please

2e872 No.3505

00d4d No.3506

Who could be behind this post

0248f No.3509

30bc2 No.3525

f14ad No.3864

30bc2 No.3913

788b5 No.4643

00d4d No.4645

I've been listening to some morose stuff recently. Idk why

f0d49 No.4647

This man was definitely ahead of his time.

83d9e No.4648

37e18 No.4651

bdb86 No.4689

you guys like joji? You know, that filthyfrank guy

5cc47 No.4695

Truthfully I mostly listen to Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues and EDM these days.
One of my favourite songs
Not a fan to be frank

53604 No.4738

90s UK Garage is so good

64353 No.4758

5ad74 No.4763

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