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33ad7 No.3136

Hello everyone. I'm sitting here working on the updated imageboard. Really excited to get this out for us. When it launches I'd like to make a strategy for making more nordics aware of the site. I'm working on that and hope we'll grow. It's oddly comforting to talk to people who live close to you. Makes things more relatabe.

What I really wanted to ask was, if any Finnish posters in here would be interested in taking up a position as moderator for the board. I specifically need someone who can speak finnish, because I find that we get a lot of people from Yliluata in waves, and I can't moderate Finnish content

The job won't be hard, and won't require you to browse Nordchan obsessively. Just check up on the most recent posts once a day, and correct stuff that shouldn't be here (flooding/illegal content). If you're interested in this, please send me an e-mail at takethatofftheinternet (at) gmail (dott) com

Please include your Discord ID if you have one.

Thanks all. 1 day to Friday!

fb979 No.3143

We are oly 5 million people from 27 million nords. Isn't it a bit racist to suggest we are the first group to need a dedicated moderator?

f23bd No.3144

Kek, why the vile anti-finn sentement noot?

33ad7 No.3145

Kieltäsi on mahdoton ymmärtää

fb979 No.3146

Paljonko palkka on vitun hintti runkkari

a59ce No.3147

Kolme roiskeläppää päivässä

01032 No.3148

how much will they get paid?

ce8e3 No.3152

Three splashing bread a day

33ad7 No.3161

I'll remove this thread from stickies, since it clutters the board. But if anyone is interested, the spot is still open.

Salary is 2 good boy points a day.

fb979 No.3175

>Salary is 2 good boy points a day.
Can one buy good quality boy pussy with these points?

a59ce No.3180

You'd have to ask the anon from Jordan about that

59334 No.3197

mine is free as long as you say thank you afterwards

ce8e3 No.3198

Do you also have to shake hands beforehand

59334 No.3203

no but we have to cuddle afterwards
this is mandatory yes?

ce8e3 No.3221

idk bro. pretty gay

59334 No.3226

not gay if you cant speak my language and cant understand me saying that im a guy :DD

ce8e3 No.3228

:DD would i not notice that youre a guy eventually? I dont wanna get into details

d04ca No.3229

i can give you a blindfold you wont tell its ok

ce8e3 No.3230

36cac No.3231

ce8e3 No.3232

ok goodnight i'm already 9 minutes past my slee time

36cac No.3233

think about me and have a wet dream please and thank you

ce8e3 No.3250

Are we moving today?
I can hardly stay put in my chair
/spoiler/that was not even sarcastic/spoiler/

f23bd No.3251

File: 1579874512187.png (216.64 KB, 904x760, 1579495536888.png)

Im all packed up and ready for the move!

a43b4 No.4743

noot why not answer to email?

9cb7f No.4784

The Coronavirus got him :(

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