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File: 1580910685351.jpg (353.31 KB, 800x600, 01-001.jpg)

ba5d6 No.4447

Sad story, READ OUT!
In The Evening When Girl And Boy Sitting In Park.

The girl says: Do you think I'm cute?
The boy says, No.
The girl says: Would you kill yourself to save me?
The boy says, No.
The girl says: Would you be sad if I died?
The boy says, No.

The girl had heard enough and started running home.
The boy took the girl by the hand and said: I don't think you are cute, you are the most beautiful in the world.
I wouldn't kill myself, I would ask you to do it. I wouldn't be sad if you died because I'd die myself.

ba5d6 No.4448

The next morning.
Girl and Boy walked in the park.

The girl says: Do you love me?
The boy says: Indeed.
The girl says: Would you be happy if I died?
The boy says, No, I would die with you.
The girl says: Are you lying to me?
The boy says: Why would I lie?!? I love you!
The girl says: Are you sure?
The boy says: Yes, I could die for you! I could die for you to live properly! I might even die in the crash for you.

In the evening, when the boy was going to the store, he saw what was everyone's nightmare.

He saw the girl with another boy at the shop door. The boy hid behind a corner and left to see if the girl was deceiving him.

At the same time, the girl kissed another boy … The boy ran into the woods for a hunting lodge owned by his father …. Opened the door and took out a gun … And wrote a letter that read:
I didn't lie to you, but you lied to me! I can't stand my life if you lie to me! Goodbye: Dear and Other …

The boy ran to the store, around the corner where he had been, and saw the girl kissing another. Crying silently, went a little closer, but still the girl did not notice her, but was with another. There was a big shot at the same and the boy was lying dead on the ground. The girl ran to her screaming when she realized who this was! The girl read the letter and burst into despair. He realized the same thing he had done.

The next morning, a girl was found dead with a knife in her hand, in her room.

20539 No.4450

i'm 13 years old and I really connect with this

ba5d6 No.4451

copie and post this to five threads or you will have a bad love life forever !!!1

a608b No.4517

Omg same!!!¡!!¡¡!! XD

9d6a9 No.4520

File: 1581009749208.jpg (73.96 KB, 720x920, me.jpg)

would you ever be down to smoke one out

d4171 No.4521

nah fm

a608b No.4526

Smoking is bad stop smoking

9d6a9 No.4527

File: 1581012120759.jpg (1.79 MB, 2570x2570, färgad tor.jpg)

I don't smoke actually I only do snus

74c48 No.4528

my dad smoked 3 packs of cigarettes and he went to jail LOL

a608b No.4529

Isn't that just as bad?

9d6a9 No.4530

I don't know

a608b No.4531

Stop snusing then.

9d6a9 No.4534

I love snus too much to quit :) and my friends snus too. my brother also uses snus and he's a very healthy gym kind of guy

a608b No.4535

File: 1581012857183.png (221.73 KB, 554x388, 1466700665453.png)


74c48 No.4536

Have you seen any old people that have used snus for their whole life? Me neither but i would guess that their teeth have gotten very bad

74c48 No.4537

This anime looks underage

9d6a9 No.4538

wtf xD

only my dad but he's not that old. his teeth are yellow but he hasn't had many holes in them

a608b No.4539


a608b No.4544

File: 1581013481521.png (477 KB, 600x600, 1489280097143.png)

Oh you mean the girl? That's called a loli fyi

74c48 No.4545

File: 1581013561876.jpg (179.59 KB, 1000x730, supo.jpg)

hmm interesting…

a608b No.4546

File: 1581013647095.jpg (103.08 KB, 1020x797, 1551710666045.jpg)

74c48 No.4547


a608b No.4548

File: 1581014397525.gif (653.27 KB, 500x643, 1578575163355.gif)

a608b No.4549

I will stop now lole

02a6e No.4761

File: 1581512142336.png (400.66 KB, 468x475, 72cf682bc7014df6913f30c35b….png)

fe6fe No.4797

You snus you lose

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