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File: 1581156210299.png (30.02 KB, 332x390, 1581128972976.png)

0de78 No.4598

Why is the traffic so slow suddenly? Where are all my nordbros?

00330 No.4599

Sorry I was asleep

0de78 No.4600

File: 1581158601445.png (105.71 KB, 894x893, 1580512788338.png)

Go to sleep earlier next time

00330 No.4601

File: 1581158837935.jpg (22.99 KB, 480x360, dbd4cf88.jpg)

Yes but I like to stay up late in the weekends

8a7e5 No.4602

hello :)

0de78 No.4603

File: 1581158980152.jpg (21.68 KB, 400x400, 1581015242967.jpg)

I do as well, but it's important to have a healthy sleeping schedule

8a7e5 No.4605

what are you 2 doing today?

00330 No.4606

File: 1581160115970.jpg (43.18 KB, 600x300, 1579200971779.jpg)

Just chilling brou. I already ate food and I dont think I need another warm food today. Also planning to go to sauna later today

0de78 No.4607

File: 1581160204816.jpg (52.14 KB, 853x480, 1581153302028.jpg)

Just have been watching videos and browsing chans. Might play Rainbow 6 later and maybe watch Senko-san or FLCL

8a7e5 No.4608

I have a very fast metabolism so I usually need to eat 5 meals every day. I'm fat Thor mentally but not physically because I eat so much. do you have your own sauna? also sauna fat thor when?

nice what do you think about Bakuman? it's one of the few new-ish anime that I like

0de78 No.4609

File: 1581160589571.png (568.27 KB, 540x632, 1581053437948.png)

Never heard of it, I just watch what seems interesting to me

00330 No.4610

I don't have my own sauna but I go to our neighbourhood sauna which I have access to twice a week. Kinda sucks to not be able to sauna more

00330 No.4611

Sauna is around five o clock

8a7e5 No.4612

how do I get into new anime?

do you talk to others when you are in the sauna? or are people quiet

00330 No.4613

No I forgot to say that there arent other people coming there since everyone has their own sauna times twice a week so i don't have to talk to anyone :D the sauna time is always only an hour so atleast you can relax but it isnt the best.

8a7e5 No.4614

when I went to the sauna at the gym last time there were old guys there talking to each other

00330 No.4615

It sounds kinda weird to have a sauna In a gym but ok

8a7e5 No.4616

it's in the same building because there's also a swimming pool and stuff

00330 No.4617

Ah ok I get it. We also have saunas In swimming halls and there are always old guys In the sauna talkimg to each other :D I imagine they only swim for a while and then stay in the sauna for the rest of the time

245aa No.4618


0de78 No.4619

There's always old men talking in the sauna :DDDD
They just doing their thing though

49fde No.4620

Another dane reporting in

f17a8 No.4627

Сука блять

d50d2 No.4628

гей :D

f17a8 No.4629


0de78 No.4636

vse russki gei :D

fbb5d No.4641

I think i was almost molested in a sauna once at a hotel. Old guy was creepy as fuck and very eager to get me and my brother to stay but we bounced and went to eat more pizza.

00330 No.4642

What age were you?
Didnt know amuricans have saunas apart from steam rooms.

fbb5d No.4644

I was about 11, it was a sauna in the pool room of a hotel, my cousin was having a pizza party.

0de78 No.4774

File: 1581609833650.jpg (126.95 KB, 728x1112, 1581259534875.jpg)

It's been quiet again, are you all dead?

a6418 No.4775

Ex wife sex doll anon reporting in. I have been very busy with work and also too depressed to post. I sleep after work and lurk the whole night when there's no one around.

a5e26 No.4776

no good threads and the site still has the problem where it isn't big enough to warrant additional boards

8744b No.4777

How is the sex doll doing?

b8b9d No.4778

File: 1581620162641.jpg (43.18 KB, 600x300, 1579200971779.jpg)

nice png

Sorry for not posting. I just have been spending as little time on the internet as possible and i've tried to sort out some of my problems and be more social. Maybe i'll come to post here again sometime but for now I am just lurking once a while.

I think this will do some good for my mental and also regular health

a6418 No.4779

I ordered some of the 3D printer parts for making the casting mold printer. It will be belt driven on linear rails, final print area will be around 1200x600x600 so quite a huge project. I have been too depressed to learn how to sculpt the 3d model, I'm thinking about hiring an artist on fiverr and sending him/her the pictures or something. Also ordered some fleshlight clone inserts so I can figure out the pussy and asshole design.

8a7e5 No.4780

I'm alive :D

Is your work stressful?

Good luck with your goal of being more social fat Thor finn :)

a6418 No.4781

>Is your work stressful?
Extremely. We are currently expanding at a rapid pace. Low overhead and extremely high risks, we could do enough mistakes in one month to kill the 45 year old company. I spend around 8000€ investing in new equipment on a typical day. Ex wife sex doll project is my way to escape.

1243e No.4864

Is that the manga verison to "Zankyou No Terror" or am I retärdø?

0de78 No.4873

No, that's the manga version of "NHK ni youkoso!"

1243e No.4924

Oh no I am retardø. I never got through watching that tbh, did not of knowing it had a paper verison

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