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00567 No.4786

please notice me norway

e6589 No.4803

Bump so that norway can see

f21fd No.4825

accurate historical pic

b6c11 No.4844

>be roastie
>walking cavity
>have smaller sapient brain
>shit personality, chads will fuck another pussy the moment you try to leverage your sex like a prostitute
>crusty panties few hours after wearing
>pathologically virtue-signal due to low-esteem
>chemically castrated at the time of menses
>prone to hypochondria, know they are physically defective by birth
>will never have a penis and be able to gain muscles
>the idyllic man they finger fuck themselves to is married to a woman who doesn't wear cake masks.

bc49d No.4845

Why is your english so shit?
Do you even get proper education there

13574 No.4846

I think I've read it somewere else, It's probably a copypasta

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