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File: 1581670294930.jpg (75.98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

f7ce5 No.4788

Ex wife sex doll anon here. Alcoholic ex gf asked me for valentines fuck. I would like to go to ex wife instead but she has blocked my calls. What to do? I made a fake profile on Facebook to contact exwaifu but she hasn't seen the message for 2 hours.

c35fa No.4789

I think it may be time to give up on her.

f7ce5 No.4790

I need to have sex with her so I can compare how the doll feels

c9bff No.4802

Did she replie ? I think havimg sex with her would only make you more obsessed about her after its over

2cf87 No.4806

File: 1581745312649.jpg (67.04 KB, 960x825, 1581739016377.jpg)

>tfw didnt know it was valentines day
>tfw didnt have a reason to know it was valentines day
I slept most of the day.

f7ce5 No.4807

>Did she replie
She told something about informing the police again. I didn't visit the alcoholic chick either because I knew she would just ask for money again. I should beat her up.

2cf87 No.4808

She sounds like a bitch.

df111 No.4812

my date went awful bros

df111 No.4813

> I should beat her up.

df111 No.4814

yes he should probably find another girl until he finishes his sex doll

f7ce5 No.4820

I mostly only want the doll but when it's finished I'll lure ex wife for a side by side comparison somehow. Might have to break open the chlroform.

2cf87 No.4821


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