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926c6 No.5159

How come ur seen as a sick individual if you're attracted to someone under the age of 18? The age of consent is 15 here in Sweden as many other countries but still you're not allowed to be attracted to someone under 18 by the society

f28af No.5164

By what society? In Denmark and Sweden (where the age of consent is 15) i think most of the population is completely fine with it, theres a reason the law passed in the first place. It all comes down to burgers and outsiders who cannot comprehend that another country might have different laws than their own.

926c6 No.5165

i've never heard of a 15 y old get together with a 20+.

f28af No.5166

Sure it's rare, but it happens.

Let's say a 15 yo boy consents to having sex with a 20+ yo woman. Does that really sound that odd to you? Switch the genders and it's the same thing. (Ofc most people think it's creepier when a male thats 18+ has sex with a girl under 18, but thats a whole nother' story)

926c6 No.5167

15 y old girl with a 20+ male is what im talking about. I wonder why its even legal to have sex with a 15 y old when basically everyone think its weird af and will call you a pedophile for it.

bd571 No.5168

i think its mostly for teenagers to be able to fuck around freely

3cd32 No.5171

That's what the libs want nowadays. For all women to be whores from 13 and make bunch of abortions and change partners all the time.

7ba71 No.5173

think two steps ahead and invest in cost cutting techniques for abortion

13818 No.5175

who cares I hate pedophiles and it seems like people who care about this are usually pedos

926c6 No.5198

would you call a 20+ dude a pedo who has sex with a 15 y old?

0fb91 No.5245

If a twenty year old is dating a fifteen year old they are taking advantage at that point. Not only has the fifteen year old's grey matter not devoleped enough to make serious decisions like that with an older partner but on a world level they really learned enough to make sure they are making the right choice. Especially when it comes to marriage or fuggin.
Under 14 and that's just straight up pedo.

926c6 No.5250

The thing is that its legal over here, but extremely looked down upon. If no one likes it why is it legal? that's my question.

e9e3f No.5251

It's not really the age because there's nothing all that weird with a 15-year-old dating a 16 or 17-year-old but if the guy is 20+ years old, that's at the very least a 5 year age difference which isn't much once you grow older but at that age, that's massive.
I wouldn't think a 20+ year old dating a 15-year-old is a pedo but the guy is most likely, even if involuntarily, taking advantage of the girl.
And by involuntarily I mean that teens and kids look up to adults and might just go with whatever decisions they make even if they disagree with it.
Most cases of 20-year-old guys dating 15-16-year-old girls that I've seen though involve 1980s corollas and beer and smokes in the backseat.

13818 No.5254

thanks for this post anon I think you're right

0fb91 No.5275

Alot of things are legal and illegal that don't make logical sense; and just because people support it doesn't mean it's true.
It's most likely combination of most democratically elected officals being pedos themselves and them just not wanting to go through the effort of passing a law that their supporters don't even know or care about. Since logically if their supporters don't care they won't lose votes, but they could lose a marginal amount of votes for repealling it.
So lose-lose. No incentive to repeal or change it. So it stays. I doubt many people even know it is that low, there are some states in the U.S where the age of consent is 16 yet everyone just ignores that for the most part.
No problem Sweden.

926c6 No.5277

It's actually a big deal to have your 15th birthday in Sweden. We even have a word for it because you can now legally have sex, byxmyndig. So everyone knows that the age of consent is 15 in sweden, it's very well known actually.

4e075 No.5305

only feminists see it as sick
anyone else just see it as cheap, crappy and something for lowerclass scum

0fb91 No.5310

Yeah but do people actually care? See my statement before that.

926c6 No.5461

File: 1584819423346.jpg (181.68 KB, 1080x1350, 456484.jpg)

you'd have to be retarded if you dont wanna do Emily. Legal but would still get shit if i said she was hot

e9ae8 No.5466

stop being a pedo

926c6 No.5471

it aint pedo tho

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