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8dbaf No.5455

My butt will remain clean! Just bought 60 rolls of tp!

4d7c2 No.5458

c2420 No.5459

How many times a week do you shit?

8dbaf No.5460

Maybe 4 times a week.

08080 No.5465

Pussy phone doesn’t replace toilet paper.

7f1d4 No.5467

Bidet isn't a phone; It's a way of life. I got a pressure washer and a chair with a hole in it.
My butt will ALWAYS stay clean.

0d5b2 No.5468

so its one or the other?
i use a bidet and then wipe with tp

7f1d4 No.5524

Doesn't that defeat the point of having an automatic enema machine?

35fcf No.5528

just to be sure
sometimes the water spraying all over isnt enough

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