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Big updates coming soon. Follow on Twitter!
/v/ added as a trial board!

File: 1580878403500.jpg (12.33 KB, 460x259, agn5Eww_460s.jpg)

70bbb No.88[Reply]

The board is pretty much dead from 00:00-08:00 (except for a few American anons who has decided to stick around and browse with us, and a few NEETs whose sleep cycle is skewed).
I think the optimal way to convey this to passer-by's who comes here via the occasional off-site link is to put a small notice above each board when Fennoscandia is sleeping. This would be an automated script.

Does anyone see any downsides to this approach?
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967c5 No.95

yes I think that would be very good and comfy

t. fat Thor Swede (flags very important on meta)

cc301 No.96

I think flags arent important

t. fat thor finn #1

967c5 No.97

I respect your opinion because you are the fat thor Finn #1

35e9b No.99

I like the idea, so i dont waste time refreshing for (you)s when appearantly skandinavia is in the dreamworld, as an american i dont know what time it is outside of america.
t. fat thor finn

f823c No.114

you could enslave your artist and make them draw you a sleeping/sleepy verison of the mascot to change to when it's sleepy time for Scandland.

File: 1578741885594.jpg (423.02 KB, 2300x2300, 8bs81oj12gj31.jpg)

53253 No.12[Reply]

Remove /pol/, political boards always end up hurting the boards themselves. Just look at 4chan and 8chan for example.
Also, bring back /a/ and maybe change /all/ to /int/
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fc108 No.33


53253 No.34

Not going to make a separate thread, so I'll ask here:
Will we ever get support for phoneposting? (Clover, Kuroba, etc)

0a2f3 No.35

Yes there will! Phone app support will be added soon after Lynxchan is implemented.

53253 No.37

Yay! :D
Will banners come as well?

3c654 No.113

>soon after Lynxchan
So you will move to Lynxchan?

File: 1580509165288.png (11.76 KB, 450x353, chrome_3xriCLDom7.png)

f48bb No.66[Reply]

Alright! I'm feeling better. Flu is almost gone. Ready to do some long-needed overhaul to Nordchan.

As many have pointed out, Nordchan was running over http for its first month or so.
The reason for this was simple negligence. I've now acquired and setup our SSL certificate and setup redirect rules so http direct to https on both .net and .com
You should be aware that I plan to out-phase the .com domain. So if you're using that you may wanna get comfy with .net instead. Google also heavily penalizes websites that doesn't use HTTPS, so now we're a bit better set.

>IDs are also now highlighted in a different color to make them stand out more from the rest of the info. Ideally I'd like to make it more /pol/-like where IDs are different colors based on IP, however that's coming… later.

>Dates have been replaced by a relative time.
>Banner has been renamed to averycutelittleimage.php and we have (shamelessly) stolen the lainchan banner script. This should dodge ad blockers (was blocked previously when called banner.php).
>Added a "Catalog" button at the page enumerator at the top of the page so you don't have to scroll all the way down.
>Added a 404 page that isn't shit, the button on it takes you back to wherever you came from.
>And as previously mentioned SSL.

I'd recommend everyone clears cache to see board styling updates

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f48bb No.77

File: 1580618468177.png (33.63 KB, 240x237, 1579017758322.png)

Oh nice! I've been on 9san before (can't remember how I got there).

I think what I'll do is start looking into a lot of the protocol improvements you've recommended, and upgrade to a fork of vichan that still has active maintainers plus some of the more essential quality-of-life stuff. OpenIB looks neat.

With regards to community being the most important aspect, I agree. I try not to intervene with anything and just sort of let the conversation run, which is why there's fairly lax rules. The only times I'll intervene is if we get flooded from foreginers with useless threads as it dramatically lessens the board quality for those it is intended for.

Thanks so much for the recommendations norwayanon. <3

f48bb No.78

Also fixed content mixing error. Thanks for pointing that out. I thought all embed scripts had // (autoprotocol) set.

92eb6 No.100

Are you running this board on Windows? Why?

e0ea1 No.101

>and /g/ has arrived

f48bb No.112

For now it's running on the same machine (isolated though) as I run my C# (.NET) experiments on (things that take days to run), that's also the reason we're currently being hosted on Canadian soil. A server move to U.S. a Linux/nginx setup is coming.

I've retrofitted a few things in vichan to be compatible with the environment we're running in, so board functionality is the same.

File: 1581245950176.jpg (64.43 KB, 1024x798, 1577093479416.jpg)

ca48e No.102[Reply]

Does this do anything? Or is it just because im on mobile?

6a594 No.103

It doesn't do anything for me either.

Also atleast on pc the catalog and page changing button in the right corner gets on the way of it.

52b85 No.104

Admin should enable additional JShit to make this crap working.

cfbf5 No.105

Ruh roh. Options weren't even supposed to be enabled for users yet. Fixing.

Fixed: User options now do something.

6a594 No.106

Ok very nice

ca48e No.107

File: 1581259741327.jpg (72.92 KB, 1024x658, 1579879077907m.jpg)

I helped!

File: 1580919258518.jpg (206.09 KB, 900x873, 1578808236036.jpg)

f892d No.94[Reply]

I have seen a bunch of video game threads pop up, and they seem to have decent retention span in keeping dialogue alive. Also /v/ are often one of the larger boards across all chans.
It's added as a test board for now, we'll assess the situation again in a month or so.


9189f No.98

It's already my favourite board here

File: 1580823633336.png (33.63 KB, 240x237, Untitled.png)

edfc1 No.85[Reply]

The themes don't carry over from board to board
noot pls fix :_)

2522e No.86

File: 1580863185673.png (758.54 KB, 722x666, chrome_yYPH95SPv0.png)

I mean it's a one time thing to just change the themes for each board to your preference (we only really have 4 that would be relevant to any user). I'll add it to the low prio work log. :~)

edfc1 No.89

im just lazy :-(

4db1c No.90

^ This

38f8d No.91

Yiure too lazy

File: 1580757278399.png (109.43 KB, 268x300, 1578004782222.png)

d56a1 No.81[Reply]

Add a /B/ board so i can shitpost ;__;

6fc15 No.82

you can shitpost in /all/

4647d No.83

i wanna shitpost with my fellow /b/ tards

adf1a No.84

all = /b/

fa3b9 No.87


File: 1580478644771.jpg (7.64 KB, 250x250, frog_computer.jpg)

0121a No.63[Reply]

Jeg vil breve WEBM og MP4 ;_;

0121a No.64

also website seems to have some troubles with pngs ;_;

cf04f No.65

noot literally says there that we are getting WEBM and mp4 soon.

b0fc0 No.69

This will be addressed soon. I'll need to increase space on the server in anticipation and find a proxy close to Scandinavia for optimal bandwidth speed so it isn't buffer-city.

A lot of fixes has been applied this weekend. We're nearing a usable experience on standard vichan. This is the last major thing that needs to be addressed.

Oh and also some flags are wrong (if you see a Scandinavian flag it's 99% likely correct, but a few posters, whose IP addresses are in a block that have been reassigned from one ISP to another are experiencing incorrect flags. It's not a common occurrence, but it happens. I will need to parse the updated IP block data…)

b0fc0 No.79

Aaaand it's here! webm + mp4 is now supported.

373a3 No.80


File: 1580389690040.png (63.09 KB, 300x100, banner.png)

d9779 No.54[Reply]

body was too short for a post
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f2a4e No.58

File: 1580399505826.png (33.09 KB, 300x100, bear banner.png)

good banners. Tought i could contribute with a banner myself.

5c597 No.59

File: 1580399762221.png (37.96 KB, 300x100, 4.png)


d9779 No.60

File: 1580405707410.png (18.79 KB, 300x100, WW.png)

d9779 No.61

Might not be centered

edb7d No.62

you should have photoshopped sweden out

File: 1580314026538.jpeg (34.98 KB, 495x362, db4.jpeg)

93f59 No.50[Reply]

varför fan visar sajten inte svarslänkar bredvid brevs-siffrorna såsom på 4sjæn?

aa7fd No.51

File: 1580315485562.png (185.15 KB, 394x373, hmm.png)

because admin doesn't really seem to care about tinyboard forks for some reason. it's very easy to add backlinks in any of the popular forks like vichan(here) or openib, or even the original tinyboard. why backlinks and posthovering isn't enabled is confusing, because it takes two lines in the config files and are pretty much essential to imageboards.

perhaps noot should focus on improving what he has instead of starting from scratch, because evidently vichan is more than capable of high performance and styling:

- https://9san.ch/b/
- https://lolcow.farm/ot/
- https://crystal.cafe/hb/

bfe16 No.52

should probably enable thread updates too.

b0272 No.53

File: 1580322171267.png (47.92 KB, 661x327, chrome_3lqfb8O6Jq.png)

Thanks. I started looking into NPFchan, but I caught the flu right at the start of this week.

There's so many things that need to be done. I'll get to all of them as soon as this clears up. I appreciate all the input.

For now:
>Thread refresh enabled
>Posthovering enabled
>banner.php script stolen from lainchan.org implemented (thanks!)

Clear your cache to see banners.

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