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Is newt a script kiddie? Can you fix vichan's most annoying feature, threads loading without the latest posts visible? In catalog mode the responses are seen instantly but when you open the thread you might need to refresh 2-3 times to see the actual post. The default config file might be optimized for small bandwidth as this is also seen in Suomilauta.org and others as well.
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Is it true that this board is a part of the "Alternate Chan Alliance"?
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Exif data

Does exif data get stripped from images? I dont really know anything about exif data but dont want to get haxed from sharing my Dick pics with you all to enjoy.
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While I'm getting used to vichan. I've updated the config. The console error you got before (multi-image.js) has been removed (thanks to a suggestion from an anon).

/all/ and /pol/ (the two NSFW boards), are now in the style of Yotsuba. If you want to change back to Yotsuba B for these boards (the blue layout), go to Options (top right corner) -> Style -> Select the style you want, alternatively, go to the catalog and scroll to the bottom.
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Add catalog on the top so you don't have to scroll down all the way everytime you want to access the catalog.

Also, add Tomorrow theme
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>site discussion
>updates, announcements, housekeeping
>nothing mentioning newts hostile takeover of the site or the continueing lack of a brasilian range ban
Get on the ball newt.
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There is some stupid browser cache rules which makes browser show old plages.
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why are time formats mm/dd/yy and not dd/mm/yy?
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I have added news to the frontpage. I suggest you go read them.
Thank you to 3chan for the cute little 16x16 favicon.

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Downtime hours notice

The board is pretty much dead from 00:00-08:00 (except for a few American anons who has decided to stick around and browse with us, and a few NEETs whose sleep cycle is skewed).
I think the optimal way to convey this to passer-by's who comes here via the occasional off-site link is to put a small notice above each board when Fennoscandia is sleeping. This would be an automated script.

Does anyone see any downsides to this approach?
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Remove /pol/, political boards always end up hurting the boards themselves. Just look at 4chan and 8chan for example.
Also, bring back /a/ and maybe change /all/ to /int/
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Weekend fixes

Alright! I'm feeling better. Flu is almost gone. Ready to do some long-needed overhaul to Nordchan.

As many have pointed out, Nordchan was running over http for its first month or so.
The reason for this was simple negligence. I've now acquired and setup our SSL certificate and setup redirect rules so http direct to https on both .net and .com
You should be aware that I plan to out-phase the .com domain. So if you're using that you may wanna get comfy with .net instead. Google also heavily penalizes websites that doesn't use HTTPS, so now we're a bit better set.

>IDs are also now highlighted in a different color to make them stand out more from the rest of the info. Ideally I'd like to make it more /pol/-like where IDs are different colors based on IP, however that's coming… later.

>Dates have been replaced by a relative time.
>Banner has been renamed to averycutelittleimage.php and we have (shamelessly) stolen the lainchan banner script. This should dodge ad blockers (was blocked previously when called banner.php).
>Added a "Catalog" button at the page enumerator at the top of the page so you don't have to scroll all the way down.
>Added a 404 page that isn't shit, the button on it takes you back to wherever you came from.
>And as previously mentioned SSL.

I'd recommend everyone clears cache to see board styling updates

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Does this do anything? Or is it just because im on mobile?
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I have seen a bunch of video game threads pop up, and they seem to have decent retention span in keeping dialogue alive. Also /v/ are often one of the larger boards across all chans.
It's added as a test board for now, we'll assess the situation again in a month or so.

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The themes don't carry over from board to board
noot pls fix :_)
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Add a /B/ board so i can shitpost ;__;
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Jeg vil breve WEBM og MP4 ;_;
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Banner thread

body was too short for a post
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varför fan visar sajten inte svarslänkar bredvid brevs-siffrorna såsom på 4sjæn?
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We're switching to a modified version of Lynxchan soon. I've modified the visuals so it's pretty nice to look at. However, I will make multiple themes you can choose from (dark/light mode).
With this come support for webms, multiple file uploads, all flags fixed. IDs will be easier to see, since they become like 4chan with a colored background.I can't wait to see what you'll think!

(HTTPS coming too on the new site)

Update: All boards will start from post ID 1. I'll keep a backup of this version, but save any thread/images you wish to keep, as this board will be replaced by something better. It has occured to be that it's not worth it to migrate.
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webm, mp4 and YouTube embed support pls
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A kind offer

I was long contemplating these 3 options:

>Start over, make a new imageboard software (a pointless exercise, reinventing a wheel that has been invented way too many times.)

>Start a new repo, make vichan improvements. This was my plan so far.
>Get new software, there's better imageboard software out there.

However a new opportunity has potentially presented itself. It looks like 3chan may be willing to share their private, closed-source version of Futallaby with us. I don't want to make any promises yet (I do not have access to any code at the moment), but if they do decide to share it with us, we could be seeing something very close to 4chan on here. I offered to help finish the software to make it suitable for open source release, and make it compatible with the 4chan API extension.

Exciting times! What do you think? Stick to vichan, or switch?

If we migrate to new software, I'll make sure to do it during late hours, and have all the prepwork done beforehand. For example, I do not intend on starting over completely, so I'll be engineering a piece of software that can convert the format of vichan posts into a format that is supported by Mitsuba (the software that powers 3chan).

You can see an example of the 3chan software in action over at https://3chan.co.
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Default names

Default names changed to "Snigga" for now. I'd like to get some suggestions on what else we could do. (I'll make them cycle randomly)

Some suggestions from posters so far:
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Meta discussion

This is the meta board. It's a board for discussion of the site itself.

It'll be used as a changelog, and for any unimportant announcements (important ones will go above each board, and on the front page).

If you'd like to see things added to the list backlog of work (ie. new features), add them here, and I'll get to work on them in due time. Create a new thread for each feature to make it easier to distinguish.

>inb4 "please add captchas XD"

>inb4 "please add more rules XD"
>inb4 [bad joke]