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fa432 No.134

Is newt a script kiddie? Can you fix vichan's most annoying feature, threads loading without the latest posts visible? In catalog mode the responses are seen instantly but when you open the thread you might need to refresh 2-3 times to see the actual post. The default config file might be optimized for small bandwidth as this is also seen in Suomilauta.org and others as well.

ba321 No.135

>is newt a script kiddie?

>Can you fix vichan's most annoying feature, threads loading without the latest posts visible

Also, probably. I have not experienced this though. Think you could drop a webm + response headers?

ec792 No.140

Not op but ive had this problem since i came here. I have to refresh my browser tab for the latest post especially of its mine.

56d2c No.141

File: 1583430685098.png (316.38 KB, 452x520, 1502385954145.png)

well seeing as he didnt read the documentation i would say yes.

jquery needs to be put first in the javascript files, otherwise you'll get errors like multi-image.js not understanding what a jquery function is. that said, you dont need multi-image.js with the new file selector, only if using the old file selector (it adds a plus for more images). just put all the jquery and ajax stuff first in the config.
>Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined at multi-image.js:33 (anonymous) @ multi-image.js:33

Also should definitely combine all into one main.js file, adding 20-30 js to the head is a waste of data (its a config setting). not so much a request issue since u have http2 tho no wait u dont lol.
Its a server strain to make 30 requests for javascript files (even tho its just a if-modified check 99% of the time, make it one file in the meantime, it should help your users browse faster and relieve the server from uneccessary work.

d9e8c No.146

Yes. He is.

67023 No.148

I cant add images on my posts when posting on mobile

Im using a iPhone SE

I press select files, select a image and press klar buy nothing happens.

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