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caae4 No.3

Add catalog on the top so you don't have to scroll down all the way everytime you want to access the catalog.

Also, add Tomorrow theme

b7fab No.4


I'll need to check how much of it can be retrofitted onto vichan, and how much needs a rewrite.

I'll take a look at the catalog button.

ecf05 No.5

Nootis did you learn to create websites when you became a software engineer?

b7fab No.6

File: 1578089081363.png (7.77 KB, 273x272, worldpeace.PNG)

I'm actually studying to become a doctor. But yeah, I've worked as a software engineer and have always been interested in how computers work since I was very young. :)

ecf05 No.7

Wow Nootis what kind of doctor do you want to become?

b7fab No.9

A general practitioner, you can specialize later through research papers and journals.

5e449 No.137

this is very much needed
do it

3274b No.138

File: 1583341777238.png (3.17 KB, 236x115, catalogtop.png)

This was already added by noot I believe?

8814f No.139

At the top of the page, not the bottom. I dont know maybe its different on desktop but on mobile the catalog botton is only at the bottom. I dont really mind on here because its a slower chan so i dont bother using catalog.

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