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9a56f No.36

We're switching to a modified version of Lynxchan soon. I've modified the visuals so it's pretty nice to look at. However, I will make multiple themes you can choose from (dark/light mode).
With this come support for webms, multiple file uploads, all flags fixed. IDs will be easier to see, since they become like 4chan with a colored background.I can't wait to see what you'll think!

(HTTPS coming too on the new site)

Update: All boards will start from post ID 1. I'll keep a backup of this version, but save any thread/images you wish to keep, as this board will be replaced by something better. It has occured to be that it's not worth it to migrate.

fef74 No.40

File: 1579576099699.gif (1.29 MB, 978x827, 1579259409763.gif)

>ids easier to see
Yay! I keep mistaking ids for post numbers and my eyes are shit. Cant wait.

2c773 No.46

why dont even enable any of the actual decent javascripts like quickreply and ajax posting?
auto-reload, etc?

a lot of them are really useful and it's braindead to enable

it takes 30 seconds to fix while you wait for some new board software

i dont even browse this place, but i've helped both vichan and openib so i feel ashamed for scandinavia seeing this lazy setup

2c773 No.47

also enable http2 and cache validation

9a53d No.48

how can you want 3chan or lynxchan over vichan lmao

they have no features and hog resources. just modify vichan instead.

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