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93f59 No.50

varför fan visar sajten inte svarslänkar bredvid brevs-siffrorna såsom på 4sjæn?

aa7fd No.51

File: 1580315485562.png (185.15 KB, 394x373, hmm.png)

because admin doesn't really seem to care about tinyboard forks for some reason. it's very easy to add backlinks in any of the popular forks like vichan(here) or openib, or even the original tinyboard. why backlinks and posthovering isn't enabled is confusing, because it takes two lines in the config files and are pretty much essential to imageboards.

perhaps noot should focus on improving what he has instead of starting from scratch, because evidently vichan is more than capable of high performance and styling:

- https://9san.ch/b/
- https://lolcow.farm/ot/
- https://crystal.cafe/hb/

bfe16 No.52

should probably enable thread updates too.

b0272 No.53

File: 1580322171267.png (47.92 KB, 661x327, chrome_3lqfb8O6Jq.png)

Thanks. I started looking into NPFchan, but I caught the flu right at the start of this week.

There's so many things that need to be done. I'll get to all of them as soon as this clears up. I appreciate all the input.

For now:
>Thread refresh enabled
>Posthovering enabled
>banner.php script stolen from lainchan.org implemented (thanks!)

Clear your cache to see banners.

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