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0121a No.63

Jeg vil breve WEBM og MP4 ;_;

0121a No.64

also website seems to have some troubles with pngs ;_;

cf04f No.65

noot literally says there that we are getting WEBM and mp4 soon.

b0fc0 No.69

This will be addressed soon. I'll need to increase space on the server in anticipation and find a proxy close to Scandinavia for optimal bandwidth speed so it isn't buffer-city.

A lot of fixes has been applied this weekend. We're nearing a usable experience on standard vichan. This is the last major thing that needs to be addressed.

Oh and also some flags are wrong (if you see a Scandinavian flag it's 99% likely correct, but a few posters, whose IP addresses are in a block that have been reassigned from one ISP to another are experiencing incorrect flags. It's not a common occurrence, but it happens. I will need to parse the updated IP block data…)

b0fc0 No.79

Aaaand it's here! webm + mp4 is now supported.

373a3 No.80


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