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70bbb No.88

The board is pretty much dead from 00:00-08:00 (except for a few American anons who has decided to stick around and browse with us, and a few NEETs whose sleep cycle is skewed).
I think the optimal way to convey this to passer-by's who comes here via the occasional off-site link is to put a small notice above each board when Fennoscandia is sleeping. This would be an automated script.

Does anyone see any downsides to this approach?

70bbb No.92

Also I turned off flags for this (/meta/) board, since they're not really relevant.

967c5 No.95

yes I think that would be very good and comfy

t. fat Thor Swede (flags very important on meta)

cc301 No.96

I think flags arent important

t. fat thor finn #1

967c5 No.97

I respect your opinion because you are the fat thor Finn #1

35e9b No.99

I like the idea, so i dont waste time refreshing for (you)s when appearantly skandinavia is in the dreamworld, as an american i dont know what time it is outside of america.
t. fat thor finn

f823c No.114

you could enslave your artist and make them draw you a sleeping/sleepy verison of the mascot to change to when it's sleepy time for Scandland.

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