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File: 1577489460169.png (118.62 KB, 1859x985, t07wpa50ot241.png)

ca113 No.178[Reply]

Post your opinion polls.
PS = anti-immigrant, populist, nationalist
Kok = neoliberal to neoconservative, entrepeunership
Vihr = green politics, social-liberalism
SDP = pensions, social-democracy
Kesk = agrarian, neoconservative, industry
Vas = leftist, pensions, ex-communist
SFP = swedish politics
KD = christian-democracy
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b58f7 No.236

Jeg leder efter en infographic fra Folketingsvalget 2019 i Danmark, der viser at mænd og kvinder stemmer forskelligt. (Overraskelse: mænd stemmer højreorienteret; kvinder venstreorienteret)

9cd73 No.237

I think like 10% of immigrants but if I had to guess they are probably from other parts of Europe

59cef No.238

Kvinders stemmeret var en fejl.

f3e41 No.459

I also have Finnish citizenship because my mom is Finnish. Voted for SFP, would vote for PS if they weren't anti-Fennoswedes.

59cef No.460

What is the historical connection between Finland and Sweden specifically? I keep seeing Finns speaking Swedish.

I would've thought Norway/Finland would have a more historical relationship but clearly not.

I don't understand

File: 1576881179172.png (327.61 KB, 1024x1024, WoodFallback.png)

63ded No.8[Reply]

ajemen, gjord av nån anon på 4chan/pol/
>På gatuhörnet står det en man, här i orten.
>Och Somalier komma och skaka hans hand, här i orten!
>Att för tre hundra kronor få något gott,
>Och i tre dagar i sträck där haver han stått
>Men om poliserna fråga vet ingen något,
>I orten!

>Ja mord är vardag, och hot ingenting, här i orten!

>Och mormor rånas på sin bröllopsring, i orten!
>Men fråge man Stefan säge han vadå?
>Medans en kvinna blir slagen ock gul och blå
>Hon blir antastad, våldtagen och spottad på,
>I orten!

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05e90 No.99


05e90 No.448

>>8 neger det här är bra musik.

8bea1 No.449


File: 1580657593722.png (225.26 KB, 800x500, MF.png)

b6b1f No.447[Reply]

Hvad ville din oldefar sige til at vi har haft 2 kvindelige statsministre?

File: 1580218141723.jpg (27.65 KB, 1200x630, Based Danes.jpg)

b7b3f No.417[Reply]

Based and redpilled

9144e No.424

File: 1580306095103.jpg (42.93 KB, 500x666, 103968445.jpg)

En Grønlending altså! Én vakker dag håpe æ å se det Samiske flagge i virksomhet.

feeee No.425

Corona is based because they try to spread it over to africa to kill niggers.

File: 1579780170966.png (478.35 KB, 531x704, 1579778238537.png)

77378 No.380[Reply]

Kunne dette have været undgået, hvis vi havde sørget for en ordentlig tone i debatten?

0b064 No.381

nej. naivitet kommer alltid att existera. det enda sättet är nog att kontrollera kvinnorna

File: 1579734573684.jpg (43.3 KB, 1066x577, PewDiePie-1.jpg)

051ce No.377[Reply]

File: 1577093479416.jpg (64.43 KB, 1024x798, 1570704657778.jpg)

e0657 No.40[Reply]

4/pol/ pruned the thread. :'( why are they racist towards Nords?
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6474b No.45

Hello frens! Im looking forward to glorious shitposting.

f5012 No.48

No idea tbh

baad9 No.54

The half-ass throws and catches make it so much funnier. How do you pick a winner at the end of the match, anyways?

32568 No.311

Whoever gets the most extreme reaction from the goatfuckers win.
Rather simple really.

e27f4 No.376

If you spam links on 4cancer then nobody would want to check it out.

File: 1579300447852.png (158.45 KB, 319x318, avatar.png)

29b2c No.310[Reply]

Is this where 4chan rejects go?

40911 No.313

This is the main gathering place of modern Vikings to discuss ideas, memes and have fun.

44b22 No.369

File: 1579654133137.jpg (136.61 KB, 760x767, derail roll for pol waifu.jpg)


1d22f No.372


But also: Roll

22b52 No.375

seems like it dude

File: 1579351755793.gif (2.12 MB, 700x600, eesti2.gif)

e9889 No.318[Reply]

can estonia into??
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d12a7 No.335

it was accidental but thanks

59455 No.366

No, fuck you.

9fbb6 No.367

272b6 No.373

Eesti is nordic, period.

1b6bb No.374

File: 1579692656661.jpg (214.05 KB, 1280x720, snus-tor.jpg)

do estonians like snus

File: 1579346393426.jpg (94.65 KB, 980x611, jimmie åkesson.jpg)

63004 No.314[Reply]

Should only Nordic politics be allowed to be discussed here


what do you think?

30af0 No.315


63004 No.316

do you like talking about other politics too

30af0 No.317

If there is some big happening in other countries then of course i think it should be discussed here.

eeb32 No.321

I mean, most discussions don't have to be tied to a certain country. But if we do talk about specific countries, people should stay in the nordic region.

Although there should definitely be exceptions for whenever there is a truly big happening with global consequenses. I don't think people should be allowed to shit up the board with some irrelevant political issue in Argentina or Egypt.
I mean, if the US invades Syria or some shit like that then it could be discussed.

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