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Detta är en svensk tråd.
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we need to kill fascists
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Addressing the Poland Question (PQ)

It's time to settle this once and for all. Recently we've had an influx of Polish users to the /all/ board. Are poles considered Nordic/white in your eyes?

I would say eesti is more white than Poland.
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From left to right:
>Secretary of Education
>Secretary of Treasury
>The Prime Minister
>Secretary of Interior

What could *possibly* go wrong?
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>guy tells you to suck dick

>you suck dick
>you blame guy

Bitch, weaklings get enslaved. Pussies get fucked. It's your fault for getting domesticated by jews.
Best part? jews didn't even forced anything. they just paid and used propaganda, Whites are really that retarded
God, I fucking hate whites so goddamn much. How long till their elites die and stop shitting up the internet?
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Hello from /pol
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"Nothing is truly Scandinavian"

"Intet er Skandinavisk"
"Alt er en kopi"

Hvem skulle tro at vores egen lokale lufttransport skulle blive en fjende…

Se videoen hvis du ikke har her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgVubbFrQuU (SAS har allerede taget deres officielle video ned, så nu er der kun mirrors tilbage).
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Is Eesti allowed into Scandinavia?
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Young Finnish woman has an arab asylum seeker boyfriend and writes social media posts about how shitty white men are.
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Stolt av våre land
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is a doggo killer tbh
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birth of the coronavirus
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>rating games by their community
why brainlets do this?
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Research Thread for Medieval / Ancient Jewry

We're all well aware of the aspects of the JQ that involve over-representation in places of power in society, but I think it is also interesting to look into the JQ from a historical perspective to see the privileges that the Jews had since nearly the beginning of recorded history, so in contrast to the narratives of oppression peddled to us today.

From time immemorial this particularistic race has kept among themselves, seeing themselves as "chosen" with double-standards in morality. Through their natural drive to trade and usury, they have spread far and wide to port cities and trading post, growing rich through trade, interest and theft. With their newly found the wealth the Jews become useful to European governments, using their influence to extract privileges from the kings such as tax exemptions, the ability to lend money at interest and even military protection. In the city of Tudela in Navarre the Jews were housed by the king in a fortress to protect them from the enraged goyim (see pic 2).

Anyways, this thread will discuss jewry mostly from a historical perspective. Feel free to contribute and recommend either videos, works or infographs that go into good detail on these matters.
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DNC shennanigans, theyre at it agian! How closely do you skandis follow American elections? I half drunk on homemade hard cider and am having a good night watching the dem cope on MSNBC.
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Greetings from 4chan /pol/

We are here. You cannot escape la luz extinguiado.
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jag gillar inte finnar och vill inte ha dem här.
varför envisas de med att låtsas vara nordbor?
de kan tala sitt gulingaspråk hemma på yiuliauta, tycker man ju.
ut med dem.
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Henrik jönson General

Är han törs jag säga /vår/ man?
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I hate black niggers
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/Nord Poll/

Post your opinion polls.
PS = anti-immigrant, populist, nationalist
Kok = neoliberal to neoconservative, entrepeunership
Vihr = green politics, social-liberalism
SDP = pensions, social-democracy
Kesk = agrarian, neoconservative, industry
Vas = leftist, pensions, ex-communist
SFP = swedish politics
KD = christian-democracy
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hitta en kvalla låt text

ajemen, gjord av nån anon på 4chan/pol/
>På gatuhörnet står det en man, här i orten.
>Och Somalier komma och skaka hans hand, här i orten!
>Att för tre hundra kronor få något gott,
>Och i tre dagar i sträck där haver han stått
>Men om poliserna fråga vet ingen något,
>I orten!

>Ja mord är vardag, och hot ingenting, här i orten!

>Och mormor rånas på sin bröllopsring, i orten!
>Men fråge man Stefan säge han vadå?
>Medans en kvinna blir slagen ock gul och blå
>Hon blir antastad, våldtagen och spottad på,
>I orten!

>Men, efter att jag sett allt detta, har jag kommit till en liten.. realisation:

>Det spelar ingen roll hur mycket pengar vi giva till orten

>Ty allt vad vi bygga, vilja de riva i orten!
>Ty svensken närar, men gangstern han tär
>Och när månaden slut finns bidraget där
>Ja alla ”shunos” leva på Sveriges välfärd
>I orten!!
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Hvad ville din oldefar sige til at vi har haft 2 kvindelige statsministre?
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Gun Community General

Protecting yourself is a top priority in Sweden, Germany, Austria, France, and all the other countries being invaded by refugees. Because we need to get aquatinted with the gun communities of Europe.

To help your people, please post any of the following:
>Community Boards
>Gun Laws and loopholes
>What you’d recommend for ease of purchase (Like sports shooting so you can purchase an AK)
Websites do count as well, assuming it’s cheap and not main stream
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Based and redpilled
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Kunne dette have været undgået, hvis vi havde sørget for en ordentlig tone i debatten?
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aaand it's gone

4/pol/ pruned the thread. :'( why are they racist towards Nords?
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Is this where 4chan rejects go?
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can estonia into??
R: 4 / I: 0
Should only Nordic politics be allowed to be discussed here


what do you think?
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>orb*ters and tr*ps

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Hvilket flag skal vi bruge, når nationalstaterne hensynker i grus?

Post jeres favorit.
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Fuck Canada
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Nordic Countries + Baltics= Baltoscandia

We would have a combined economy of 1.8 trillion dollars which is 10 biggest in the world bigger than Russia or Canada! We would rule the Baltic Sea!
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any other antifascists here
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Why don't we ship people who want to immigrante to Finnmark for labour?
Very few people really want to stay that far north,
and if nordic immigrants really want citizenship,
I find it reasonable to demand they endure the conditions.
Locals are struggling to stay functional in the cold and dark.
I read about a Saudi Arabian woman who fled to northern Norway,
and she backed away, saying it was too tortuous.
I'm not *just* trying to be a jerk. My concern is the economics of immigration. Effective workers have to stay functional for years continuously, and it's demonstrably hard under those conditions.

The Soviets shipped unwanted people to Siberia.
The British shipped unwanted people to Australia.
Shit, even the Nazis removed people obstructing productivity.
I mean, at the very least, if multicultural shit hits the fan, wouldn't it be better to have prepared a recourse?
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Wilson Gavin Tråd

Wilson Gavin var en homoseksuel 21-årig "aktivist", der begik selvmord i dag.

Et klip af ham, og 6 andre personer, i protest mod drag queens gik viralt, og han fik kritik af folk på Twitter med hashtagget "IStandWithQueens" .
Det virker som om han var en meget konfus ung mand, i 2017 sagde han at homoseksuelle ikke skal have ret til at blive gift, selvom han selv var homo.

Han kastede sig selv ud foran et tog i Australien her til morges.
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She's right

Not only is climate change real, the offset atmosphere chemistry is making us malnourished:
R: 2 / I: 1
I think normal people shouldn't have the ability to change politics by, for example protesting. It's just cringe how people on twitter and on other internet sites think they know more about politics than the goddamn president of the country. Unless the president is a woman.
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Trump impeach ez4pEnce lol :DDDDD
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Hvad sier man til det her?
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Japanske jenter
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This is Katri Kulmuni, head of the central party. She has nice boobs.
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Ei vittu jätkät ebin lauta teil tääl :DDddddd
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"One-drop rule" är historiens mest retarderade lag.
Ändra min åsikt.
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Lähetin just hieman Venäjäkriittistä palautetta eduskunnalle. Nukunks mä nyt pois?
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Nørrebro fireworks rampage

Can we take a minute to discuss the fact that any group sufficiently large can get away with basically anything in this country just by wearing uniforms and balaclavas?




Also this site sucks, no SSL? Seriously? I'd rather you get a free glownigger certificate from letsencrypt than no SSL at all.
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Make your Mars claim
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Hvor mye ville du betalt
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Den første /norgetråden/ på Nordchan
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Anonsen har sæda i denne
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Bæsj bæsj tiss tiss
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Dette er hjemmet ditt nå
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Han her knuser nasser
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Liker du Greta???
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Føkk Hedmark, Oslo er stedet
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Look at this girl, she was made for big black cock
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White roasties are the past, Asian cuties are the future
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Japanese girls are superior
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Asiatiske jenter er den ultimate rødpillen
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>hun her sitter på kne naken i sengen sin
>hun er usikker på hva som foregår
>hennes guttevenn har sagt at han har en overraskelse til henne
>døren åpnes
>guttevennen hennes er naken og kommer gående med en stor svart mann
>hun ser virkelig forskjellen på kuklengden mellom hvite og svarte menn
>den svarte mannen går mot henne, den hvite mannen setter seg i et hjørne
>Silje Slimfitte skjønner hva som skjer nå
>hun smiler
>den store svarte mannen beføler den lille hvite norske jenta, han tar på de rosa brystvortene hennes, stryker hennes hvite kropp
>han ser på henne og presser sin erigerte negerkuk inn i hennes rosa fitte
>sexing begynner
>fyfaen så høyt jenta stønner
>etter noen minutter ser hun på negeren og foreslår oral
>negeren reiser seg opp, den norske jenta setter seg på kne
>han presser kuken sin inn i hennes rosa norske munn
>hun begynner å suge
>kuken er så lang at hun kjenner den med i halsen
>han kåmmer
>flere liter med negersæd er i munnen hennes
>han trekker kuken ut
>jenta åpner munnen og begynner å smile
>sæd renner ut av munnen hennes, sæd renner nedover kroppen hennes
>hun smiler og klapper
>Silje har aldri vært lykkeligere
>i hjørnet så sitter guttevennen hennes å runker, han har endelig fått den opp
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noen andre her som håper på en revolusjon, en nordisk union, ut av EU OG EØS og samarbeid med finland og estland? samt å få kasta ut alle de skitne, brune parasittene vi har importert
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If you're not dark blue you're literally subhuman
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1st Official Nordchan Blvck Qveens Worship Thread

>you may hate niggers but you worship blvck qveens
>dicuss and post your fav nigresses
>what's noot's official stance on blvck qveens?
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Helloust this is Winland and where is le /b/ you scandicucks? It feels fucking terrible to have a place for mongols without /b/.
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Forklar dette, Sven

Hvad har vi gjort…
R: 6 / I: 2
Det ultimata rödpillret är att vara vandal

>vandalisera kommunens egendom

>pengar måste tas från budgeten för att laga detta
>blir mindre pengar till babbar och integration
>även mindre pengar till äldreomsorg vilket ökar sannolikheten att gamlingar röstar på sverigevänliga partier som SD och NMR

Tips på saker att göra
>panga rutorna till skolmatsalar och aulor
>såga ner lekborgar och rutschbanor
>klottra på elskåp
>skräpa ner i grönområden
>trampa i kommunens rabatter, rycka upp blommor med rötterna
>sno grus och sand från kommunens gröna sandlådor som står här och var
>lossa pålarna till bryggor och putta ut dem i sjön
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kryptokrona general


Hello fellow nords, I am the main dev of the nordic cryptocurrency kryptokrona.

Our project aims to bring a new, debit based currency to replace the credit economy of today.

With kryptokrona we nords can reach new heights, but this time with the power of cryptocurrency.

More importantly than a currency, kryptokrona is a network. A network that allows for decentralized storage of information, and sharing of it.

What can this be used for?

Well, for one we use it as a P2P encrypted messaging service, called Hugin Messenger (https://github.com/kryptokrona/hugin-messenger). Which is just one of the applications.

We also have a Twitter clone where each post is stored on the blockchain, which means it's impossible to delete, modify or censor:

Some future road marks include:

- YouTube-clone with Hugin-tech along with torrents to share videos and files in a decentralized and immutable way.

- Mobile apps of our current services.

- Exchange listing: Some of our services, such as Hugin Messenger is meant to be a way to send transactions along with messages in a safe and private way. In this use case actual monetary value of the currency is imperative, which calls for an exchange listing.

And obviously much more!


Join our discord at chat.kryptokrona.se and have a chat! We're looking for all sorts of people, but mainly developers - preferably with React Native experience to help us develop our mobile wallet and messaging app, as well as graphic designers, meme soldiers and anyone interested in helping out.

If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them!
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R: 3 / I: 3

Nordchan is live!

Right on time!
R: 6 / I: 1


Jeg aner virkelig ikke hva som foregår i hennes sak, men jeg vet av egen erfaring at man *skal* aktivt motbevise sin skyld, og selv da er det forgjeves. PST er satt opp for å følge en modell som minner om FSB, og når de trykker på samboeren til en avsatt justisminister, etter nærpolitireformen presset politisjefenes lønninger opp forbi statsministeren, sammen med at domstolenes budsjett krymper, ringer alle alarmklokkene for meg. Hvem er det politiet tjener?