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File: 1577385269409.png (1.33 MB, 820x1024, 1577150796362.png)

3a086 No.145

Look at this girl, she was made for big black cock

321a1 No.780


4fd89 No.782

Strangle yourself with a rope please.

2d217 No.801

BBC cucks should be deported to Africa. Where they can have all the BBC.

2d217 No.806

When ancient Rome was collapsing cuckholdry with niggers was also popular. Unless you love the big white cock, you are a traitor that should be deported to Africa.

e0522 No.823

File: 1584483614347.jpg (26.46 KB, 680x448, gib.jpg)

kan behöva mer material för att undersöka närmare

657db No.858

Americans scream protesters must be executed, but why not get rid of the tyranny that pushes people to protest?

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