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File: 1578263526462.jpg (71.78 KB, 1038x703, cgmeu71rnf841.jpg)

e0fc0 No.259

From left to right:
>Secretary of Education
>Secretary of Treasury
>The Prime Minister
>Secretary of Interior

What could *possibly* go wrong?

e0fc0 No.260

This is Finlands new government btw

88fcd No.262

>the absolute state of finland 2020

64788 No.274

I've met Li Andersson!

ba47b No.292

It is true that they are generally uneducated cunts who are only praised for being women. No achievements so far, just shitload of praise how progressive and female it is. Looking forward for it to fail, then we can claim it was because it was female government.

ba47b No.293

why do I have homo flag there?

95223 No.297

Varför är denna tråd på engelska?

4a038 No.301

d934f No.324

Er du utilfreds med dit homoflag?

433a1 No.339

File: 1579540382129.png (16.72 KB, 450x360, Studenter.png)

7fb06 No.340

I wouldn't even rape them.

6ca5c No.341

Same. People say how the prime minister looks good and all but to me she looks like a younger version of Hillary Clinton and a lizard.

aeb3a No.342

File: 1579549907263.jpg (1.09 MB, 2570x2570, färgad tor.jpg)

fat thor looks at them

6ca5c No.343

File: 1579556594230.jpg (25.55 KB, 280x263, thor.jpg)

he is chad

aeb3a No.344

File: 1579556800304.jpg (104.65 KB, 1080x1337, tjock tor 42.jpg)

chad is scared of fat thor

06862 No.378

The gov of virginia is a niggerfaggot.
And I'd fug the two on the right until they cum on my dig XDD

e8af9 No.383

Just saw an interveiw with her on BBC world news, i thought she was a lizard as well, i wouldnt mind probing her cloaca though.

cd2ae No.384

File: 1579891266561.jpg (147.59 KB, 1280x853, bed.jpg)

d8167 No.385

File: 1579891350270.jpg (85.3 KB, 853x1280, water.jpg)

3e10c No.386

File: 1579891513563.png (1.33 MB, 820x1024, deck.png)

72f05 No.387

File: 1579891568156.jpg (107.17 KB, 718x900, hi.jpg)

ed5ea No.388

File: 1579892358501.jpg (121.44 KB, 1080x1080, beer.jpg)

8b699 No.389

File: 1579892464520.jpg (55.53 KB, 720x960, yule.jpg)

36ecb No.390

File: 1579892509095.jpg (231.32 KB, 387x578, you.jpg)

1821f No.391

File: 1579892566194.jpg (122.3 KB, 960x960, me.jpg)

1821f No.392

>gifts 4 you
I love our women.
Forgive me, anons.

f609f No.444

File: 1580557669279.jpg (272 KB, 789x487, merkel-jew-marxist-communi….jpg)

You'll be forgiven when you purge Merkelkike and the rest of the jews infesting your government, Germany.

[spoiler]The irony of America saying this is hilarious isn't it?[/spoiler]

594be No.445

File: 1580637205492.png (23.68 KB, 221x222, 95f51e57.png)

Just another booster for the rise of nationalism.

e0236 No.458

>]The irony of America saying this is hilarious isn't it?
But our country is as cucked, not as bad as the anglos and our nordbro's have it but still.

eabf0 No.502

File: 1580932650099.jpg (184.65 KB, 851x586, home.jpg)

I post from burgerlund.
I am Gold Eurpean tho.
Paternal DNA was in Dogger Bay 10yrs ago.
Surname began in Wesermarsch.

bdf07 No.528

While we are no longer property of other men, many of our brothers and sisters still don the shackles of ignorance, placated by political correctness and welfare. Broken families, in-group violence, trap culture, drug culture, thug culture, and other (((barriers))) keeping us from drinking from that river of prosperity. We have the tools and knowledge needed to move forward, we must only act.

9cc6b No.572

This is the group that will retake Schleswig-Holstein; This is who will make decisons that will effect the lives of millions of people. While never resorting to emotion or feeling but the base logic of "What is good for my people and its' national future as a whole"
This 42 year old woman and her cabnient elected completly on their gender and outsider's feelings, and not ability and merit. Yes, these are the people who will lead Denmark to greatness.

aeb3a No.575

this is Finland's government not Denmarks

9cc6b No.578

I don't see any Mongols? You can't fool me.

9484f No.579

They are lizard people

9cc6b No.584

Don't be mean to lizards

9f923 No.600

>This is the group that will retake Schleswig-Holstein
What do you mean?
How do you "retake" something that was never part of your country?
That's like saying "Mexico will retake Louisiana"

9cc6b No.601

It used to be part or at least under the control of Denmark until the Second Schleswig War in 1864 (becoming a full state of Prussia after the Seven Weeks War against Austria in 1866)
And it has been a fiefdom of Denmark since the 12th century.
I guess you could say it hadn't been a state of Denmark in political pratice before the November Constiution which ignited the Second Schleswig War?
But that's a reach it was a fiefdom at least and in 1815 and 1490 was incoporated into Dane land various times and since the middle ages has spoken Frisian and Danish.

9cc6b No.602

It's more akin to the Kosovo question to be honest. I am of the mind that Prussia should of just occupied all of Jutland so we could have had some sort of Pan-Germanic Empire perhaps a sort of Greater Germanic Empire?
Of course that would of lead to war with Austria even sooner and France would probally of shat a kline and moved to war or at least a heavy diplomatic protest.
Can't have Germans or Germanics uniting, nope. That's ebil.

e3c30 No.608

File: 1582223273248.jpg (1.01 MB, 3146x1928, flags.jpg)

e91ed No.609

File: 1582223298794.jpg (1.01 MB, 3146x1928, flags.jpg)

9f923 No.633

In the 14th century the saxon nobility took over Denmark, it was at a time kingless and ruled by the holsatian counts and when the dynasty schauenburg that ruled over schleswig and holstein died out, it went to the danish king who was an oldenburger and it was him who legally united the two duchies which is the origin of the modern Schleswig-Holstein. It was not part of the Danish realm, and it was not Danish.

0bdd7 No.635

Hedeby is deep into Schleswig and it was always Danish since at least the viking age, even has a Danish name. Schleswig is Danish, Holstein isn't.

aeb3a No.639

Skåne was always Danish too until it wasn't anymore xD

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