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File: 1580752825290.png (139.96 KB, 432x432, PicsArt_01-30-08.07.14.png)

b9864 No.470

Hello from /pol

8d241 No.472

we are nordic now

96a2b No.474

File: 1580753468714.jpg (43.18 KB, 600x300, 1579200971779.jpg)


92bfa No.475

>No illegal content
>(as per Canadian law)
Hi from /pol,
I * * ** has * * must * * ** with your * ?

d52cf No.476


8ecdd No.478

File: 1580756498263.png (789.7 KB, 3840x1920, 1_cj-dONOgumTuUahTUZKH5w.png)

Burn in Hell, American scumbag. Death to America.

b9864 No.480

thx mate
appreciate your word of kindness

f58a7 No.481

based as always.

7dcbb No.482

German masterrace reporting in,
hope you dont mind me shitting up your board

96a2b No.483

i wont mind

887d1 No.484

Yeah, what this guy said.

d854a No.520

we nordic now

32b23 No.573

Isn't only 10% of America Anglo-Saxon, and the English are not fully Germanic they are mixed with French genes. That's trace amounts of Germanic at that point and deffiantly not Nordic.

2b74c No.587

wtf racism

17fa2 No.588

Dutch master race reporting in. Am I Scandi?

29d23 No.589

what's up with your flag

32b23 No.590

Fuck off Canada; I'll rip your head off and use it as a condom to sodomize your dead body with.

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