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a320b No.559

"Intet er Skandinavisk"
"Alt er en kopi"

Hvem skulle tro at vores egen lokale lufttransport skulle blive en fjende…

Se videoen hvis du ikke har her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgVubbFrQuU (SAS har allerede taget deres officielle video ned, så nu er der kun mirrors tilbage).

e6e68 No.560

>our democracy

Is not a good thing. And Greek democracy is nothing like modern masonic democracy, it was direct democracy.
The original design was invented in Iran, but we perfected it along with the Dutch.
Pan-Germanic tradition. Not "German".
>all these foods
You might as well say the potato is from America, because they were nothing before they came here. Plus the Dutch are literally Danes + Germans anyways.
Meatballs cannot be Turkish. The whole story of Karl XII bringing it from Constantinople is a modern day theory, not fact. The Danish isn't Austrian, it was made by Danish bakers with help from Austrian bakers.
>and yes goy, let's also talk about how feminist Americans turned our countries into libertine hellzones

5f340 No.561

How did the skandi countries end up getting so fucking pozzed?

9a54a No.564

Jews, infiltrators and traitors. Same thing has been going on since at least the Viking Age however with foreign infiltrators (even jews) ruining Scandinavian society with libertinism or an earlier form of it, so who knows.

e7ea4 No.574

>Companies have no bias
>Airline company releases video completly unrelated to airplanes just to attack the culture and traditions of its customers
>inb4 "Go woke go broke"
These companies don't care about profits as much as spreading their message, and boycots haven't worked in a long time. Especially with the advent of investment bankers who are the real puppet masters.

0f77a No.585

Og den store joke er at det jo bare er kopi af amerikansk retorik.

6f93b No.586

Nothing is truly African. All of Africa is for the white man.

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