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File: 1581182260365.jpg (71.02 KB, 768x768, The-Legend-of-Zelda-Breath….jpg)


how long do I have to wait?


i'm not sure


I need it


>likes Zelda
>likes Nintendo games at all
Typiske Svensker.


File: 1581242056688.jpg (86.38 KB, 750x423, jag.jpg)

>typiske svensker
det här är jag och mitt nintendo switch


There's absolutely nothing wrong with unironically liking Nintendo games.


nintendo games= childhood awesomeness

that doesn't mean I don't like other games too of course


This is an exciting year for Zelda and Nintendo fans in general. Will we get the Botw 2 sequel along with a new Switch Pro or an OOT continuation in 2020? Perhaps all three of them.
This decade is off to a really good start for us gamers lole.


File: 1581280750519.jpeg (95.7 KB, 670x899, zelda-timeline.jpeg)

hmm OOT continuation would be really nice but didn't that saga end with majora's mask continuing into twilight princess? I guess they could keep going at that part of the timeline but it feels like we'll probably get a Botw sequel instead don't you think?


I think we could get both as it makes sense that OOT is in the next line of being remade or expanded upon after Link's Awakening.
They have been doing that rather consistently, starting with ALttP on GBA in 2002 11 years after original release and OOT 3DS remake in 2011 after 12 and a half years.
Next ALBW expanding ALttP on 3DS in 2013 after 22 years and Link's Awakening remake in 2019 on Switch 25 years after.
Maybe Nintendo will port over the OOT 3DS remake to Switch and make a sequel to Majora's Mask that will answer some of the biggest mysteries like how the Hero of Time died and how he met the Rito like tribe depicted at the stone pillars in TP outside Hyrule castle.
Here is a video explaining in good detail:


*26 years


great video :D I watched all of it. man I'm getting too much hyped up for more Zelda


by the way we can rule out theories like that Link is actually dead during all of Majora's Mask right? or has that actually been debunked at all? because I think that's a cool theory


Same, my interest in the series has been reignited thanks to some very compelling out of the box theories surrounding the games that has been pooping up in the last few years
Yes, it has been officially debunked by Eiji Anonuma himself who created the game but Termina is still a parallel world to Hyrule which explains as to why everything is so trippy, and any theory is plausible. But Link being dead is not one, at least not anymore.


>Pooping up
Take that as you will lol


I wonder if the Botw sequel is gonna be for Botw what Majora's Mask was to OOT. Do you think it's gonna have more creepy vibes? I would like that


I usually poop downwards


Yes, Anonuma said that the sequel would have an overall darker tone, but not as dark as Majora's Mask apparently.
We will have to wait and see though. After all, Nintendo loves to surprise when we least expect it
I think all of us do lul


Aww, I wish it could be as dark or even darker than Majora's Mask. I loved that game, it's so eery

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