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/v/ added as a trial board!

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This is just /vint/, does all of the boards really need flags?


It's important to characterize every post in your own country


maybe remove flags for /v/ I think we should do that


I understand how fun it is to have flags and IDs and that they can be implemented to combat samefagging but you do need *some* anonymity on an anonymous imageboard. It only makes sense to have at least one board without flags and/or IDs.
Would be nice but it's up to Noot of course. Maybe he will add a board without flags and/or IDs at some point who knows.


I've removed flags & IDs (for now), since individual posters are so easy to identify across of threads by flags and writing style.

Namefag for now if you want people to recognize you/nationality.


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Naisu, hope you are feeling better after all that sickness with the flu.
Keep up the good work Noot.


once we have a lot of traffic, i think we should
i also fink we sjød spyk mor wors englisj


:( I like flags

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